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roar election upcoming

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get those votes in now!

i know hobby talk has a roar section but i want to spread the word..

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bill sell for?????????????????????????
nooooooooooooo lol maybe when i reach fitty
Katfish are you really endorsing this individual??? He wants people to vote for him by September 27th when what is being asked for are nominations? The ballots are coming out on the October Rev-Up? He doesn't even understand the process for which he is running under.

Kenny B :confused:
hey he's can't due due any worse than Slick Rick Wilson. the only thing Rick Manage to due is totally screw up oval 19t rules, and get the high voltage gp 3300's changed. But other than that nothing has change I still don't get a rev up !!!!!!
Dave I would suggest that you send an e-mail to Fred Hohwart with your correct address.The address I've got looks like an apt. #63 , I believe you have a house.As for the 19t oval class rules - what's your problem with them- isn't that what you run at HW?I can't ever remember you ever discussing any problems with me about the 19t class rules.The rules for 2005 are under discussion now- just got a copy today maybe you can enlighten me on what would need to be changed for 2005.
Oh yes I'm again running for the region 4 director and I've still got the target on my chest! Bill Fraden
19-turn oval rules? Any headaches fall on me....not Rick. !9-turn oval rules as posted for the PAved oval nats remain in effect for 2005. No changes. Rick has helped me and my oval committee get ROAR focusing back on oval....
Hey bill glad to see your back. yah you are right they have my old address on file but the USPS is actully doing a wonderful job of forwarding my mail. I still get mail with my old address on it with the little yellow tag to farward it and it says that a post card has been sent to the sender to notify of the new address.

19T where to start. well first thing I race toval and touring and I now have to have 2 different motors to run each class. that is BS. When the first set of rules came out you could run any 19t with any brush. Now they have change to stand up only making the C2's I have illegal to run in oval. another thing it does is eliminated the D6 line of motors because it comes with P-94 brush and by the rules you can't change them. I think that the old rules worked better what you guys have done is made alot of people spend alot of hard earned money on stuff they can't use.

Oh yah Bill you got my vote :)
yeah i'm voting for bill fraden... and i'm looking for new blood for roar president. i still think ernie may have done a good job?

as for 19 turn rules..the days of fixed timed motors is gone! one rule for on road and oval is a good start. i myself cant stand or afford the 19 turn motor of the week either. i'm so damn happy running a 30.00 machine wound hand out 19 turn motor i can't think of using anything else now.6 magnets,4 magnets, no magnets, stand up brushes , lay down brushes, side ways brushes ..round brushes, square brushes..YUK!
it's a mess..and changing rules weeks before a national has got to stop as well!

roar has gotten the battery situation under control in my book! time to get the 19 turn rules corrected..and i think gabe has some good ideas on paper..not sure if they would work out in real life? and maybe if the membership was lower i could get more guys to believe in roar. like i sadi i'll pay my dues just to keep the battery rules in place.
yah but why make the guys who run both have 2 types of motors. I agree with yah I am not going to play the 19t of the week. from what I have seen so far the ultra bird is kicking butts (tm). Butts (tm) to say to a new guy who buys all this oval stuff on a limited budget that the C2 he just bought off someone for 15 bucks can't be run isn't right. you and I know that the C2 is not the best choice but for some people it might be the dollar choice. ( keep in mind that not everbody has access to the ultrabird handout. The LHS has them here but they are packaged and like 60 bucks. I know alot of people bicker about that guy has something that I don't butts (tm), alot off these people seem to froget about there 10 seconds spent on the boards. :)

I just think one set of rules is alot easier. and for the national events HANDOUTS. :)
i like some of his ideas, but when a rule is changed or discussed, doesnt it get voted on by the board... does he just as president actually have the power to change all that stuff????
How bout this for an idea?? Make any commercially available (like the old stock motor rules) 19T motor and brushes legal. Racers would have a choice, tech would be so much easier, and racers could run the latest and greatest stuff ( that costs no more), and be covered for any form of racing!
Nobody could complain (another plus) exept the people who vote for thier own selfish gain AGAINST this stuff. Distributers and winders could sell all thier motors, racers could actually USE all thier motors, everybody wins! Lockout products for one year then introduce new ones the next year. Doesnt it seem assinine that we cant run a chameleon now, the very motor that STARTED 19 turn racing in the first place? ROAR spends more time worrying about what we CANT run than they do justifieing what we can run. I can run an old crappy TOP 19T motor that noone will ever buy again, nor want, but I cant run a nice D6 motor that COSTS the same! I truly believe the powers that be, understand and believe this but vote against such obviously positive things for the hobby for reasons I'll never understand. Like everything else in this world things that cannot be explained ultimatly come down to finacial gain for someone, and the racers, and the hobby as a whole suffer. This is the only explanation I can come to, if someone has a better one I would really like to hear it.
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All points are taken. One note....no financial gain on this end nor any ROAR party that I am aware of.
so why outlaw the C2 for oval competion???????
I know that kenny, I was a ROAR official at one time also, its a thankless Job, it was not directed toward you. I believe your heart is in it and you do a good job at your tasks. Someone above you must have an agenda whether it is an old friend (or enemy) in the industry. The rules to me just dont make common sense. The battery issue was tackled and settled. When was the last time someone cried about battery rules out here? We need to do the same with Motors and brushes. The current motor rules are the equivilant of making us run Panasonic Cells when GP 3300's are available.
Davepull - since you race almost exculsively at a local track and that is a level 1 competition.The locals can decide what they want to run. If it's the C2, Peak/Orion, Reedy fixed endbells or the adjustables it really does not matter-It's a club race.When racers come from out of town they should be made aware of what your are running.If they want to offer a fixed endbell class and and adjustable endbell class -again that is a clubs (tracks) option for a level 1 competition.
wow bill excellent answer. so what I don't travel it has nothing to do with why a C2 motor is illegal in 19T and Bill I am by know means new to this hobby I know the rules and how they work. So unless you can give and honest answer to the question of why can you only run stand up brushes in 19t and why the once legal C2 is now illegal? don't waste our time.
I won't waste your time................................You cant tell anyone that knows everything anything.
not trying to push your button here Bill. I just want a roar offical to answer the question at hand Why stand up brushes only? Kenny?
The oval motors for 19-turn class were developed to reflect the growing trend two years ago to hand-wound or machine wound motors that were already being run and popular in ARCOR. This trend was due to the increased variability in the C1 and C2's which were never ROAR approved (Idon't think they were submitted either....I could be wrong). At this time the motor rules were aligned with ARCOR to provide consistant motors and allow members to race between organizations. With a rule developed for the motors, a national championship class was recognized and "national champion" title was applied. Over all rules created a uniform class. As a result oval attendance and particpation has steadily increased (for both orgs...)

Regarding 19-turn, the rules as published are for regional and national events. Series and local tracks may run a variation or a demonstration class based upon any other motor, but when regionals or nationals are being raced, the published rules are in effect. No matter what not everyone will be happy. There are some areas of the country that still run 6-cell stock.

Hope this clears up the mud somewhat.

Kenny B
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