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Yeah Jimmy, Got bail? I'm tapped!

videojimmy said:
actually REAL men drink their tequila straight up, no lemon, no lime, no salt... someone pour mine a shot, will ya? And don;t give me any of the cheap cl;ear house brand.. I want Don Padron
:p I agree, but the guys were specifically referring to Margs. I didnt want to come off as an Agave mashin' worm chaser. Which of course used to be my alter ego. 1.Chase the worm 2.Visit with the cactus gods 3.Go to jail 4. Fall down (#2, #3, or #4 in no particular order!) You ever play the slot racing game "Deslot Take a Shot"? Comically funny impared driving....... till they black flag ya and take your controller away. :drunk: Ah, the joyous memories of my mispent youth.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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