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Phil from RRR called me today and wanted me to pass this along:

Missouri was hit by an ice storm last Friday. Southwestern (Springfield area) Missouri was hit especially hard. They've been without power and phones since then.

Phil got phones back today, but they're still without power. Therefore the web site is down (it was up, but may yo-yo for a little while before everything gets settled.). So if anyone has been trying to reach him by phone or by internet be patient & hopefully everything will be normal soon. Right now it's a BIG mess!

I'm in the Northeastern part (Hannibal, MO) and we got the ice & a little bit of snow. Fortunately we never lost power or phones or any of our own trees. Unfortunately everything in the parking lots, yards, drive-ways, etc. are sheets of ice. It looks like glass. The roads are good to travel on though. But my driveway isn't. I fell last last night trying to make it out to my shed to warm it up for me & my 5 yr. old. We were going to race cars while mommy went to a meeting. Instead we stayed inside and watched Power Rangers.

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