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The famous Appeldoorn track was the host of the Dutch EFRA GP that attracted some 27 drivers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. The weather forecast was a little bit doubtful as one could expected after the rainy Summer but the weekend proved to be a dry one except for some light rain on Saturday. The final was a bit of a tire gamble as due to the use of additives tire wear was higher than normal and when the dust settled it was Xray driver Rick Vrielijnck who took the top spot on the podium followed by Silvio Hächler and John Ermen. Gunther van Staey took the fourth place with Simon Kurzbuch in fifth position.

Top 10 Result
1. Rick V.
2. Silvio Hächler
3. John Ermen
4. Gunther van Staey
5. Simon Kurzbuch
6. Daan Jacobs
7. Robin D’Hondt
8. Frank Baggen
9. Steven Cuypers
10. Michael Salven

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

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