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The Rhino name is an attributed nick name given to a group of inexpensive castings with a rhinoserus head logo on their packaging. So far the use of 'Rhinoserus' as a printed name label has not been confirmed. Other packaging logos have a 'GG' letter design within the rhino head logo. While another surrounding the head. Both of these logo designs is associated with Gingell.

Some known series names used were "Classic Car", "Sport Rally", "Construction Set", "Old Timer", and "Highway Rigs".

They are also associated with Summer products (often matching to the Summer numbering system (?).

The Rhino casting range includes models peviously issued by Matchbox, Majorette, Road Champs and Tomica. They were painted in various colors with different wheels sets used over time. Most window pieces are a dark blue verging on opaque, but some were clear. Some castings have approximations of interior details (seats).

A & D Fiesta imported the "Old Timer" and the "Classic Car" model ranges into Canada. The "Classic Car" series was made up of (12) castings with (6) being convertibles and the other (6) having the convertible (?) roof up. Each vehicle was individually (?) carded.

Midwestern Home Products offered their "Old Timer" classic cars series with castings made by Rhino.

Nipco Toys Ltd is another Chinese diecast manufacturer who sold their offerings with the rhinoserus head logo on their packaging.

Known Castings

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
Audi Quattro

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