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There was no internet prize for the drags but you may enjoy reading who won and with what car.

As you may remember the track is a MaxTrax two lane 20'7" dragstrip. Our own FordCowboy brought his super duper adjustable Trackmate power supply. THANKS Lendell

I don't have a chart program so you will have to read the dialog.

The races went down in the following order:
Eric with his white 60's pullback body Vette against Craigs lime green Superbird
Craigs Superbird was supertuned and took the win.

In the second match was Randys Orange Mustang against Chets blue Batmobile.
Randy made tracks and whooped the crimefighters tail and sent him back to the cave.
Randy being the winner of the match.

In the third match we had GOOSE (yours truely) with my mighty ****** Willys against Walters ummm Walter can you tell me what you ran? I did not see it.
Anyhow Goose beat Walter

In our next match was Jon with his super tuned white Corvette Grand Sport against Lendells just purchased one minute earlyer and not tuned White Corvette Grand Sport. Sorry Lendell but that car had no chance but I do like your style and trying to win is a testament to your character.
Jon won that match.

On to the next heat was Craig's Superbird against Randys Orange Mustang. This was a very close race and the heat was won by Randys Mustang.

Next we had Goose's Willys and Jon's Grand Sport. Either way this was going to be a upset because we know both of them were very fast. At first the Willys jumped out of the groove and we started over. Back to the restart and I believe that happened twice. We had our throttle man ease into the controller just a bit softer. (I remember the same thing happened last year) well the Vette took off first and the Willys played catch up. With the Willys making the move on the big end of the track.
GOOSE took that heat.

Now that left us with the final two. Randy fairly confident with his cars smooth power and GOOSE with his rare WHITE Willys. Well I had the jitters and someone else was at the throttle so it was up to them to get the cars out of the hole without deslotting. I don't even recall if I did deslot the first time. All I remember was some people clapping and saying alright GOOSE won. (Don't worry Randy we would have cheered if you won and I lost.)

So there you have it. We all came out winners and I tryed to make sure everyone had something to go home with.

In the kids class was James, Jacob and Jeremiah. While we waited for Jeremiah to completely dissassemble his car we ran James W/T Mustang against Jacobs Cop car. With the Fuzzz taking the win. When Jeremiah was ready we ran the final of the kids drags.
In the final was the Cop car of Jacob and the club gold Cuda of Jeremiah. In the end when the smoke cleared Jacob's cop car came out the winner.

Thanks to everyone that raced and congrats go out to the winners.

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Hey Goose, I had a shipload of fun. That orange Mustang of mine ran much better than I hoped. :eek: I thought I would've lost to Craig for sure. He has great running JL T-Jets at the hobby store, Bellflower Speedway, Big Daddy Motorplex, and his very own Nightmare Dragway everytime we race. I'm going to try and enlist some more racers for next year, My girlfriend's daughter Laura, and my two sons Steven and Dustin. Congrats ( :thumbsup: ) on winning the drag race Goose. Randy.
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