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Resto's: Your thought's??

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Yes, this is a touchy topic, but it should bring the board alive.

I do resto's for myself, and some restoration board swaps for other board members. I have 3 such swaps going right now. Resto's allow me to have certain colors and castings that I would not normally be able to afford. A couple are a white enamel Custom Camaro, an alternate Mustang Stocker, and a few JL mirror and sealed door cars. Two that I have yet to get my hands on are an open hood 442 and a HW charger. Those castings bring $$ no matter what shape they are in.

Your thought's??
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Restos are ok with me, BUT... I feel they should have "RESTO" deeply engraved in the base so everybody knows......... a lot of people really resist this, but if they are honest and aren't trying to fool somebody, why not??

Thoughts about this?
I like resto's think there needs to be ID marks on them. I really like what I do which I call restums. The ability, knowledge and stuff is out there to make these cars much nicer than they were originally so I really like doing this in colors that were not original and I have cars that make people stop in thier tracks but also can avoid the headaches of doing a resto. I also think there is a HUGE difference between those that resto for themselves mainly and those that resto mostly to make money. While both are certainly OK in my book those that do it for money really need to mark their work not only to protect others but to protect themselves as well. Here is a restum for robin because you are my vintage board bud and love ferraris (and yes the doors open :) )

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Well, I just wet myself!!!!! nuff said!
Gosh that is awesome. Like you said, better than the originals. WOW!

Question....Why does everybody assume a resto is done only to make a faux car or color that is impossible to find for sane dollars. I get old redlines and Toppers all the time and touch up wheel chrome paint chips etc. just to resto them back to better display and looks. Why does it always get associated with $$?
Robin (or is it Rob? sorry if I have been using the wrong name this whole time) thanks the compliment that is the first time one of my cars did that to someone :lol:

Markos it is real easy why people get upset over restos. It is all about money. If these cars were only worth a few dollars then no one would probably care but they are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars now. The explosion (recent controversy aside) of redlines in value makes MANY and rightfully so almost paranoid. Even just a few years ago rarely was a redline (I am using redlines since they have the most history and value it seems. I do not know matchbox cars well so they might be a better example) over $1000 now there are usually several WEEKLY on ebay that well for $1000+. When someone is going to drop big cash they want to make sure the car is 100% original. I will not argue that spending crazy money on cars seems silly after all I always tease people that is a lot to spend on paint after all that is what the extra value is in paint coverage and color. So while I may not understand why people pay so much I certainly can understand their concerns. Also 99.9% of the people do not have a problem with doing stuff as long as it is disclosed. The problem, as illustrated by the current controversy rocking the redline world, is when a car is resold several times and somewhere in the chain the knowledge that is it a resto or touched up is lost and the car is bought as real. Again I just like to make better than original then I do not have worry about it. I can even have smokin redlines that never existed. :)

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Just for the record

Its Rob :wave:
That is sweet

Wow!!! Spectraflamed - you did an awesome job on that Nova. :thumbsup: I wouldn't mind adding that one to my collection, I still have not bought the regular HW Nova.

How long does it take to get a car to that point?
anyone ever try this? had an old beater....well basically trashed redline Camaro with most paint gone and roof broken off, but a nice base.... still working on trying to get the body lower, the body is from the newer 67 Camaro, the base is the old redline base...takes lots of filing and tweaking... sorry, bad pic...

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Here are some old Matchbox models I repainted. I am a beginner at best. It seems to be much more acceptable in collectors of Dinky and Corgi models to have restored models than in Matchbox collectors opinions. There are many many parts being made for old English diecast that it boggles the mind. There are even conversion kits to make different models for original parts.

I did mainly because it was fun and cheap. Every collector that has a few years under his belt probably has a junk box that came as they replaced early models with better examples. Take some junk and have some fun.

tom larson
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I have no problem with people doing resto's as long as they are CLEARLY marked as such!
Hey Spectraflamed....... that Ferrari is really sweet! Any chance you could do a Mako I have in that same color?
Retro Resto

I've been taking beat up HW's and Matchbox LeMans Protos, Formulas, and Can Am's and bring them back to race specs. This includes going in from the underside and Dremeling out the vents and ports, painting the interiors, wiring the engines, lowering the suspensions and going back to historical team racing colors. I understand "I've totally ruined the value of the cars!!!!" But when I do this to Red Lines or other "collectables" I only use cars that are badly chipped or damaged and wouldn't be worth anything anyway. I have built one of the Cunninghams into a Coupe to compliment the #1 and #3 roadsters, three of the 100/4 Healey's into a 100/M and the two #33 and #34 Le Mans entry's. I've also built the Ford GT MkIV #1 LeMans car, the Lola GT70 of Surtees', the Ford J Car, the Chaparral 2,2D and 2G the McLaren and the #97 Sebring Cobra Roadster. All of these are now historically correct.

I've found J&B Weld works great for filler. It forms well, can be filed and sanded, takes the heat when I bake the enamel and if I screw up; will withstand aircraft paint stripper.

I tried to attach a pic of some of them.


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I like Robin!! LOL!! :O

I like the idea of building custom look alikes of old historic and races cars. I'm not too keen on restoring cars to look just like originals. I have several resto Hot Wheels done for myself. The diecast hobby has not turned Dream Car Garage or Barrett-Jackson Auctions yet, but it could could happen. If I sold any of my restos I would mark them as such. I don't buy beaters to restore, I have too many custom ideas to work on, I really don't have time to do restos. I love building customs and have started making similar customs of cars from companys other than Mattel, my Cord is an example. Sorry for the long post.
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