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Hi folks,

just in time here´s my last ResiNews posting for this year! :hat:

I don´t know how many of these shrunken Corvairs in 1:1 scale found their way across the pond, but over here the NSU TT still is a popular vintage race car.

I was dreaming of that car for the T-Jet chassis for a couple of years now. Last fall I stumbled across a quite nice (but narrow) street car diecast (some of you might have seen a resin repop of this one as my X-Mas card...) that I was able to convert to this racing body over the last 5 days. Please don´t ask me how many hours I spent with grinding, sanding, puttying, sanding etc. :freak: but I think the result was worth the efforts.

Well, here´s my first finished racing TT (fantasy livery, but who cares...?):

I wish you all a safe trip into a great and healthy New Year!!! :wave:

Greetings from Germany,


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