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Your work definitely has it's own look to it, beautiful the way your cars shine. It's easy to tell you put a lot of time and effort into them.

I'm just getting my materials together for customizing. I don't have any little files that would come in so handy, paints, polishing and other materials needed for a good job.

Yesterday was my first attempt at cutting an engine hole in a hood w/ a Dremel and it was a learning experience. Before I noticed I had dinged up the roof and from there it went downhill. I can salvage it, it will just take a little work. I'm guilty of wanting to get the product out and not paying enough attention to detail. Looking at your pix it sure makes a difference.

Thanks for the tips, they are very helpful.

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... small steps ... small steps ...

You're at the fun-part ... the learning-curve.
So am I ... and it may seem overwhelming, but
it really isn't. You do have passion for this hobby... just
look again at the various projects you've already posted.
Your great talent is showing (ain't it grand ??) so enjoy it.

For certain, with that passion comes the ability to be patiently
(two key words) ... in small steps, one at a time.

Remember what I said at the end of the tutorial ............
Trust yourself ... trust your skills ... trust the metal.
And keep enjoying your special 'kustomz' passion.
Also ... trust your tools, remembering that you control them.

Yes, you WILL find a way to salvage your 'dinged' casting.
It'll be even better than before I assure you. One more thing,
when you post your images ... even cars still in progress ... you
are offering inspiration and encouragement to a lot of others.

How cool is that ??


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I dont recommend using a wire wheel to remove paint. Those little wires fly off everywhere and can bite you. Try using Aircraft Remover paint stripper. Works great, just dont get any on you.

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I saw a wire wheel for a Dremel at Wal-Mart that will take off the paint and smoothing out the metal shouldn't be too hard. I'm just limited to my resources ATM.
HI jitte:wave: u can use that wire wheel for stripping paint, but I recommend a can of Kleen strip from wal mart, It will strip the paint off without marring your casting much much faster.

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Jeffrey, thanks for sharing the "how to" with the board. Though not a process I am moved to try, I can see it yeilds an amazing result. And yes, use the Kleen Strip Jitte. The brush will work, but you could have built a real car in the time it takes!

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... wow !! great responses !!...

Now THIS is so cool ... a lot of other
helpful responses. Just what I was hoping for.

Jitte, feed NO energy to the seeming outer appearances of any
lack ... instead, focus all of your energy on the abundance with
you NOW ... knowing pathways are opening to more abundance,
still and always flowing your way. (oops, I'm preaching. LOL.)

Seriously my friend, center your attention on things you now have
around your home that can be of great service on your projects.
You'll be surprised at what you find ... and if unsure that it'll work,
ask us here. Someone here will have a good answer, for sure.

The guys are right about a wire-wheel. So try it first on a test-casting.

1 ... the very ends of each wire is where all the work is performed.

2 ... wire bristles bent sideways only scratch ... use a new wheel.

3 ... try your higher rpm settings LAST. work up to the best setting.

4 ... do your best to keep the wheel and casting clear of debris.
...... water-dipping will work, but if you do, spin-dry the wheel first.

5 ... be gentle, go real easy with the wheel, less is actually more.

6 ... do small areas at a time, stop and inspect your progress.
...... looks good so far ??... then move on. repeat this often.

7 ... (most important) be prepared to choose the Kleen-Strip method.
...... it will probably happen quickly. LOL.
;) :rolleyes:

When you use the Kleen Strip (least costly at 'wally-world') be sure
to use rubber kitchen gloves, or medical gloves ... Bob is right ... don't
get it on you, or clean it off quickly. When you use it, find a glass or
ceramic-coated bowl to use it in. In any metal bowl, sometimes the
stripper might allow the metal casting to interact with another metal.

I found the best cleaning method (with the stripper) to be a scent-free
dish-washing liquid (again, less is more) and COLD water. Scents,
and warm water tend to cause uncontrolled stripper fumes. A few
medium-stiffness toothbrushes are amazingly helpful too.

... Good luck ...


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I'd like to give this a try. Thanks for the how-to. I'm a big fan of Krylon X-Metals, extreme metal anodized finish. I think this would be a perfect base coat for this paint.

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... X-METALS and a polished casting ...

You're right Bob ... the Krylon
transparent colors work very well
over any high-gloss metal surface.

But only a handful of colors ??
Would ya like to find the whole wide
color-spectrum of HOK Kandy Kolors all in
spray cans ?? ... what a dream-come-true.

Well my friend, here is your dream-link.
HOK Kandy Kolor spray cans available at ...

... see if those work better for you ...
:rolleyes: ;)



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Pat has already got me checking out HOK. (I here he uses them). I also took his advice on the Badger gun. Its up and running but havent used it yet. My last project didnt need it. I am going to lean away from the rattle cans and try to get a better paint job. I have a few colors I want already, just havent ordered yet. I saved your link though. Thanks:thumbsup:
House of color kandies will be on my next order!!!

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Just a couple of facts about the Polish & Paint method and about Black Gold from Arlington, Texas.

The polishing and buffing as a base for transparent Candies caught on about 4 years ago with a lot of people attempting a Spectraflame look.
In theory this is a good idea but it's not necessarily a simple point and shoot method.
All paint needs a prepped surface for good lasting adhesion.
This is evident from a look at how the original Spectraflames weathered the years.

If you'll remember threads of past years, many who had attempted a simple Polish and Candy Coat were troubled with paint flaking off, running, and fisheyeing.

Nothing to get worried about, just some proper surface prep needed.
Some compromises may have to be made.

Remember, all those products used to polish with, waxes, creams, rouges, are contaminants that will impede the normal adhesion of paint to the surface of that buffed casting.
A highly polished casting has very little surface texture and even lightly applied, layered paint jobs have a problem adhering.

We all know that the higher the shine of the Casting, the brighter the reflection through the Candy, but it also presents a problem.

2 ways to come to terms with this problem.
Duplicolor Clear Adhesion Promoter is one way.
Just a light dusting over your polished casting will stick to the surface and allow Candy paint to adhere to it.

Solution #2,
Lightly scuff the polished casting with ScotchBrite or #0000 Steel Wool to give the surface enough bite for the paint to stick to.

With either method,
After polishing and buffing, wash your polished casting in Lacquer Thinner then soap and water.
Then rebuff with a flannel shirt or clean buffing wheel.
Remove all the adulterants (used during polishing and buffing) that will compromise the Candy Spectraflame paint job.

Either of these preparations will add a very slight haze to your polished casting.
They're necessary.
Your Candy Coat will fill in the micro scratches of the ScotchBrite and will also overcome the haze of the underlying Adhesion Promoter.

With either of these methods apply the Candy first in a light Tac Coat then in successive light coats.

For a real ShowStopper, to assure even coverage for a job like this, add in some Pearl Powder I'm always mentioning.
The Pearl Powder will bounce around the light between itself and the Casting for a truly unique effect.

Now for a little about Black Gold.
If you have small children at the Computer you may want to send them to the other room,--------------just kidding.
I bought a whole bunch of this Black Gold many years ago when I first began hearing about House Of Kolor.
Some was in the 1oz. jars and some was the spray cans.
I will say that their Basecoats and PearlBaseCoats have a long shelf life, I still have a couple of jars.
But their Candies and Clears went bad in a month or so.
These Candies and Clears are premixed products that do not need Catalysts.
This makes it easy for those with an AirBrush to Purchase and Paint, in theory, as long as the paint remains usable.

In recent years this company, Black Gold has been online and offline, in production and out of production.
Much of the Spray Can line is back stock, sometimes, wa-a-a-ay back.
This is the first I've heard in a long time that they were still open.

I write a lot about House Of Kolor paints and as much as people misunderstood what "Kustom Kolor" was, (it was not a House Of Kolor product) I also know quite a bit about Black Gold from experience with it.

I see the BlackGold site is offering their Aerosol Cans for $12.
A well known Model retailer here in Houston offered me everything he had in stock, nearly 200 cans, for $3 a can at last ThanksGiving's Autorama.

I've done my best to not come down too hard on Black Gold, certainly not as hard as I'd like to, since Jeffrey seems to like them.
"Just the facts Mam, just the facts"
I buy all my House Of Kolor from Coast AirBrush Supply or directly from HOK's World Of Kolor, links and phone numbers in my "ClearCoat, Reducer, Catalyst" thread.

"Use what you want, Paint what you want,
Use the Best and avoid all the rest"

--CadillacPat the UnCustomizer--
Keeping the ZING in CustomiZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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... very good further info ... thank you ...

Yes ... thank you Pat from me too.

(Bob, Pat, and all others), I had NOT realized
BGW had such higher prices than some others.
Glad to have you clarify that Pat. Good to know
there is a choice for lower-priced HOK Kolors.
I'd like ALL of us to save money where possible.

Bob, Also remember the very nice quality, quite
authentic, pre-mixed SpectraFlame replica Kandies
from Jon at the RedLineShop. Very good for Airbrush,
or a Prevail Spray kit (what I use. I have no air-brush).
Those are Kandy Acrylic Lacquers ... and like many of the
HOK Kandies (pre-mixed also ... like ones from BGW), a few
which I have had stored over 5 years now are still in liquid form.

Dad once showed me how lacquers can be re-awakened or re-thinned
with a high-quality med-temp lacquer thinner. I've done it ... before
I became more careful with how I store them, some dried out. Then,
I was shown how to 'seal' the lids on the glass jars with plastic wrap.

I do that in 2 steps ... a layer of the plastic wrap (SaranWrap) in
between the jar and lid, around the threads. Then I cocoon the
jar in another layer ... and I make sure the jars remain upright.

Pat, your tutorials are well-written. Very nice presentation.

My experiences with BGW, and RLS, have ALWAYS been
very good. What others experience might vary. Please
know, I'm NOT the expert Pat and others are. I'm only
offering what little I know, within my wish to help.


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Hey Jeff,
We can all use the extra help you and everyone else brings to this board.

Black Gold just happened to hit very close to home, actually their just up the road about 130 miles.

Coast AirBrush Supply is the only outfit liscensed and authorized by HOK to repour their paint into smaller quantities.
Of course to anyone who is not using an AirBrush this is a moot point.
However, we are seeing more and more people here on HT moving up to AirBrushing their Customs.

Keep posting what you know and what you use,
Every post made has something useful for someone, however they create their art.
None of the older DieCast sites and gossip boards have the steady stream of Customizing information that is constantly being posted here at HobbyTalk.com, except for HotWorldCustoms.

--CadilacPat the UnCustomizer--
Keeping the ZING in CustomiZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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... thank you ...

Pat, I owe you a big thanks
for mentioning Coastal. Nice to
know their HOK connection, their
lower prices, their other products.

Though I know it's the ultimate way,
I don't own an air-brush ... tried them
a couple of times (in different venues).

Just not for me I suppose ... and it IS
most likely my own past issue with them.

I was nearby when an AB compressor blew
out ... one heck of a mess ... and I've never
developed enough useful skill using one. So,
I go the way of the PREVAL sprayer kit. That
has worked very well for me ... thus I offer this
info as an alternative to any and all who don't
have an AB. Or for anyone who finds it useful.


I've found the kit and its extra jars
at several locations ... Black Gold, Ace,
Lowes, WallyWorld. Fairly inexpensive.

Again, I know an air-brush is the best.
Maybe someday I'll afford one, and have
a proper setting to learn how to use one.


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... thank you ...

Steve, thank you very much.

If you ever try some of these polishing steps
please let us all know how good your results are.


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