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... Update 7-28-13 ...

UPDATE 7-28-13
New images.

... Below ...
These few most-recent images show the 3rd paint process ...
which finally helped clear the casting of its previous paint flaws.
Plus two close-up views of its completed custom-detailed interior.

Thank You once again for your viewing-time.
... CHEERZ ...


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Thank You ... both of you ... for such amazing compliments.

(( I think my ego has just been inflated to planetary proportions. ))


Dave, I really really like your clever phrase ... "Cleen-Mo-Sheen".
A good name for a customized hot-rod-style street-cleaner rig ...

"...Stang", my formula calls for patience, a polishing wheel, polish-
bars, and a Dremmel with various polishing nibs. Nuthin' special.
Just your average "Kuztomz" magic-trick formula.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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