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That truck cab is just out of sight. I couldn't even envision the plan for one in my head, much less create it.

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... thank you ...

Your wonderful praise sure lifts my spirits.
Thank you.

This design (power unit, both trailers, and tandem link)
was quite some challenge to create. Many many drawings.
And one heck of a lot of precision-scaling to get it accurate.

This is the very first concept-sketch (hand-drawn),
similar to what I was hoping to finally achieve.

... onward we go, to higher success ...


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now thats outside the box. fantastic truck and love the color. welcome to hobby talk

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... Thank you ... ALL of you ...

I thank ALL of you for such a kind HobbyTalk welcome.

And I thank you for all your wonderful compliments.
As for the blue color ... let me clarify that for you.

The blue panels are actually laminated card-stock,
with 0.01 styrene plastic sandwiched in between them.
It's used in applications for model railroading and architectural.
In architectural and railroad model-building it's called Plasti-Card.
(Also known as Perma-Board, Tempra-Form, and Mural-Laminate.)
The maker at one time was LaminaCraft Industries ... Richmond, VA.

For over 20 years, I've kept a small supply of it (well-sealed in
protective plastic sleeves) in this blue, as well as white and black.

All the black and chrome accents (windows too) are made from
MonoKote model aircraft tape. Exhaust-towers and each inner-frame
are made from aluminum tubing. So are all its axles ... made from
dual-sleeved aluminum tubing (and yes, it rolls. I must be nuts.)

The wheel-sets are from a few JADA Airflow Tankers donated by a
very very good friend. Windshield wiper arms made from cut-to-fit
stainless steel clothing pins. The grab-rails are made from highly-
polished music wire (that wire can be real finicky to work with).
Hinge points and grab-rail struts made from tiny silver-tunneled
glass beads. All held together using clear watch-crystal glue.

Rearview mirror housings made from the cut-and-bent-to-fit
pocket clips of BIC Velocity ball-point pens. Here they are.

The satellite communications / multi-media dome is made from
the cut-off head of a white push-pin. It all sounds a bit strange.
Yet, I wanted ALL of it as custom-built as I could achieve ... so I
used house-hold items that seemed to work quite well. (I hope).

... and now for my next trick ... hocus-pocus ...



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... thank you ...

Thank you kindly again, 'bob'.

More kuztomz on their way.
(I've already begun my next
full-custom-build. Details later).



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I'm really liking this one!!! Awesome work! Looks like it drove right out of a sci-fi movie. Cool!!!

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... thank you ...

Thank you fellas ... for the input and praise.

Alex, you're right. On mine, the power-unit cab is big.
Its frame is stretched long. That's the trend future trucks
are now heading for. Beginning with many present-day show-rigs.

This image shows a PETE 359 long-nose.

A unique mirror-polished show-case that
has the now-very-common stretched frame.
That stretch allows for much better-balanced
weight distribution (and enhanced appearance).

These images show two diecast customized rigs,

(both would be 'drivers', as well as show-rigs) that
were built with available after-market components.
These were built by a friend of mine who's skills are
way beyond me ... his talent is into orbit. These are
indicative of the condo-type sleepers now available by
a few ultra-high-end companies ... built to custom-order.

My rig would be (in 1:1 scale) slightly over-limit by present-day
legal regulations ... yet well within transit-permit license standards.
I designed it as a future-vision ... You should see what is now being
designed for Europe's and Asia's new Mega-Motorways. And what is
also currently being driven (road-trains) all over the Australian continent.

I always welcome comments and critiques ... trust me Alex, they help a lot.


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That is just insane. I can't imagine the amount of time you had put into that. I would have comented on it in the other thread, but I just assumed it was something that some company had produced and you had bought it (Im not a big truck follower) so I assumed it was profesionaly made. Seriously, you need to take that out on the curcuits and enter it in some contests for I'm sure it would do very well. You sir are an artist.

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A unique mirror-polished show-case that
has the now-very-common stretched frame.
That stretch allows for much better-balanced
weight distribution (and enhanced appearance).

Cool looking Pete, but actually in a stretched truck like that your balanced weight distribution would be way off thus cutting down on the weight of the payload you can haul. (payload=$$$$$)
Of course guys that drive trucks like that in the real world dont really have to worry so much about the payload they are hauling cause what they got in/on the trailer probably pays pretty good. :thumbsup:

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... thank you ...

Thank you both
for the very thoughtful
compliments and feedback.


'grayhouse', I have just over 200
working hours tallied into it thus far.

The parts list (from the smallest pieces
of chrome panel-tape and smallest parts,
to the largest of its body-panels) now totals
at 412. Including the several inner frame-rails.

'wildbill', you're right. My mistake. I miss-read
the info I was supplied. Now I recall one of the
reasons I chose twin-steers for the front ... to help
carry all the extra weight over the span of about 48'
(if considered in 1:1 scale). As for payload ... these
are exclusively exotic-car transports. Not as much
payload-weight ... not on tight deadlines ... not on
an any sort of $$$$-per-payload budget. The sort
of 'team' that would own and operate this monster
would be very-well funded, perhaps by a 'co-op'.

Sure glad you replied ... and set me straight
on that weight-balance issue. My hope is to
qualify the rig with some level of authentic
and realistic feasibility (though futuristic.)

Thank you for your valuable info.

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