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The European Championship TC Stock took place in Alcobenas, Spain. The qualifying was dominated by Remi Callens (Xray) with Serpent ace Jan Asmer hot on his heels. Come the finals Remi was able to conserve his form with fellow countryman Joan Urbain taking the runner up spot. Jan Asmer took third place. Remi’s well deserved win also means the first European electric touring car title for Slovakian manufacturer Xray.

Final top 10:
1. Remi Callens
2. Joan Urbain
3. Jan Asmer
4. Daniel Wohlgemuth
5. Joe Streff
6. Francesco Martini
7. Gonzalo Garcia
8. Javier Hidalgo Bonet
9. Gilles Choque
10. Thorsten Zorn

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

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