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Based in Brazil, Brinquedos REI is a division of Alfema Norte. Their factory was located in Manaus. Beginning in the late 1970s (?) and into the early 1980s, and like many other companies, they made licensed diecast from other brands - in Brazil - to aviod the cost of import tariff taxes.

There first offerings were the "Miniaturas REI" series. These were primarily Schuco models made in 1:43 and 1:66 scale. Some of the 1/43 scale models came as kits.. Like their German made counter parts they came with a piece of foam under their wheels inside a clear plastic box with a paper data spec sheet. More than 40 castings were eventually offered. SIKU models were also included in this line.

Another series was called Modelos com Mecanismo "Serie Hot Cars" and was made up of friction pull back cars and buses. Some of those were identified as "Masuda Toys Press Tokyo" with the buses have an additional marking of "Dapper" which is a Bandai brand. These are thought to have been made in the mid 1980s. It is not certain if Masuda Toys is a subsidiary company of Bandai.

The Série Perfection models were made of dyed plastic in 1:43 and 1:75 scale sizes with the molds from Schuco (Germany) after their bankruptcy.

Some REI castings are also found with the PZF marking on their bases.

Sourced references -

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