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regular cars cheap

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Focusing my collection and these just don't fit, I dont figure theyre worth putting on ebay so I thought I'd see if anyone here needs them. Not WL's just regular versions. 2 bux each + shipping

street freaks black with flames camaro (SOLD)
(2) PIP duster
10th anniversary cuda(SOLD)
ad rods 88 mustang
woodys & panels 40 ford sedan delivery (bwf) (SOLD)
boogie vans 77 chevy g-20 (bwf) (SOLD)

e-mail me at [email protected] if interested
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hey pony whats it going to take to get these two cars from you please let me know
Thanks Eric [email protected]
street freaks black with flames camaro
10th anniversary cuda
hey, price listed 2 bux each + shipping so it would take 4 bux + shipping to get these cars from me :)
Last chance on these, anyone? If not I'm going to give them to the first kid I see tommorrow at the flea market :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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