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First image is screencaps - mostly high def - of the gardens.
Next are newly released photos of the miniature taken for TMP-DE.

As you look at the images (further down the page), some analysis:

Some clarity for looking at this - from top to bottom - it starts with 2 images
of the orbital office complex, because that too has a LARGE garden/tree
area, and you can at least get a good look at how they approach doing their

Next is all the enterprise screencaps - images with a red dot indicate the
port side, images with a green dot indicate the starboard side. White text
denotes the scene, by description or by the closest quote... it's all
chronological, though 2 images are a little out of order.

Judge for yourselves, but there are 2 light sources to be aware of. The
primary is light glowing from the sky "decal" (blue with white clouds near
the windows - simulating horizon) and it is brightest nearer to the windows.
The lack of light in the middle seems to suggest the lightbulbs are sitting
against the window sides above the decal. The foreward and aft walls seem
to be deep blue or at least a dark gray that appears blue when the "sky" is
glowing on it.

The secondary light source seems to be the equivalent of a "streetlamp" or
motion detection light that would normally be on one's garage or home. This
light source seems to be a grain of wheat white (warm-yellowish) bulb and
is coming from the center of the rear wall, just below the ceiling. you can't
see it in every shot, but can clearly see it in some (you can especially see it
in the 2 "warp 7" caps - the first image you don't, but it comes into view as
the ships angle to you changes - you can also often see the glow on the
treetops from it). The III and IV images seem to show that there are indeed
trees on the starboard side.
***One of the new photos just posted does show a wall going down the
middle from front to back - light is shining on it and you don't see the wires
that at the moment were filling the other side (starboard) - you can see all
those images here. I think it's likely that there was always a wall from
the beginning - from the filming perspective, you would not want to have to
see clear through the ship (from one set of windows to the next) and
through trees and window frames - would be a matte cutting / optical compositing
nightmare! And, even though you see it from the side straight on (some shots in STII)
you never see through to the other side.*** At some point after all filming
was done it got banged up and a portion of the interior (starboard side) was
left a mess. Anyway, images below:


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Thanks! And the site us up again! ? With the re-release of the PL kit, I dug out one of my old ($50 less) PL kits and am starting in on an A. Those are the best reference photos I've seen, possibly including the Christie's. Just invaluable. I've spotted a lot of tiny details I didn't notice before, too. And these will finally put an end to a lot of old debates. Great stuff.

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Interesting thing about the photo's of the saucer.

The dull-coat looks like it has started to rub off over the years - i wonder if the miniature could be restored to its TMP paint job?

I wonder where that miniature is now........?

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