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Red box 100% and Larry's garage?

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So I was at a local grocery store and found these big red boxed hot wheels called 100% and then a few Larry's garage cars with real rubber tires.
Are these pretty collectible? I haven't seen them before so I picked them up but the ones in the box were a little pricey. Says they are 40th anniversary.
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Sorry. Guess a pic would help. Here is what I picked up. They had one more of the 32 Ford left there. If someone wants it I'd be happy to pick it up if it is anything special.

Love the Merc :thumbsup:

What price did you get them for ??? They sold for $9.99ea back in the day.... If you got them at a cheaper price you got a great price. :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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