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Real or fake RL???

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OK folks... help me out here. :confused: I've been going to antique & estate auctions for several years with my dad, but mostly dealing in collectibles, glassware, instruments, etc.... just about everything except Hot Wheels. I need some information on how I can tell the difference between a REAL/ORIGINAL Redline, and a reproduction/newer WalMart model. Any info at all will be helpful. Thanks, in advance. :thumbsup:

I also posted this in the "Collecting" forum, but thought it might get some more responses here.
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easiest way...

all those re-pro "Vintage" models from around 1994 will say "Vintage" in a logo molded into the base...

also all the re-pro 'redline' wheels have a hole in the middle where u can see the end of the axle... the original redlines had no hole in the middle.

...not an expert,..what did Walmart have to do with the re-pros?
Well, like I said.. I'm just now starting to get into the Hot Wheels & other diecast cars, but I thought there was a newer version of the Redlines that were sold at various toy stores, etc. I don't know for a fact that they were sold at WalMart, but I was just making a generalized statement with that. Thanks for the info.
Sounds like you are refering to the "Red Lines" series that have been part of the mainline assortment over the past two years. Some nice vehicles have been included in this series such as:
...Surfin' S'cool Bus
...8 Crate
...'65 Bonneville
...Custom '69 Chevy (truck)
...Ford GT-40
...'68 Nova
...Baja Bug
...'69 Firebird

Hope this what you may have been talking about :) :wave:
Look at the baseplate. If it says anywhere besides Hong Kong or USA, it is definately a newer redline. Then make sure its copyright date is before 1980 and that it doesn't have the vintage or 25th anniversary logo on the base. Other than that, you would have to familiarize yourself with the way they are painted, and the way the wheels look.

You can't go by the 'hole in the wheel method' because starting in 1973 redlines had holes in the wheels as well, and the newer "RLC" cars don't have the holes in the wheels. The other thing you have to look out for is restorations and the use of reproduction parts. Some guys are so good with their restorations you just can't tell.. and just about every plastic part on original redlines have been reproduced.
Thanks a million! That's the information I was lookin' for. I'm selling about 160 HW on ebay this week... no RL's, but I wanted the information just in case I ever came across any. Thanks!
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