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Re: CMDF Undergound Complex

Regarding "Fantastic Voyage":

Besides the real star of the film (I'm referring , of course, to the submarine Proteus), I've always been fascinated by the layout of the CMDF set -- that is, the entire complex of miniaturization room, mission control room, operating room, and upper-level control booth. From what I've read, it was one of the largest movie interior sets up to that time and occupied two adjoining soundstages on the Fox lot. (The curved concourse area with the ramps, escalators, etc. was filmed at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.) Does anybody know if plans are available for this set, or if anyone has attempted to build the whole thing in miniature? From watching the movie, it's difficult to gauge the dimensions and proportions of the various sections and exactly how they all fit together. It would be interesting to try a diorama -- any suggestions?


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Mr Hussey:

Thank you so very much. This is an excellent resource. I was able to answer many JII questions by viewing the images.
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