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Just did deal with RCMITS and all went well, Super Fast Payer and great to Deal with.
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Thanks for the kind words.. after the old ABOUT.COM board.. i lost all my contacts for my trader ratings..

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Mits is one of the very good guys. I am starting to think we just trade our stuff back and forth for fun now!!!!
You think? Hey Ray.. I'll have your money by Mid-weekish
Sorry for the delay..
Going nuts around here at the homefront..
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RCMits EXCELLENT Trader!!!!!

I have completed a deal for an RC10T2 Dirt Oval truck.He gave me an awesome truck,plus enough extra parts for almost 2 complete trucks!!He also sent me parts that werent even included in the deal!I would deal with him again without hesitation!Item was sent promt to receiving payment and was received in 2 business days.Thanks Mits!!
Thanks! I try and make the online-trading community a fun place! Heck.. with the RC community so small.. you never know if we'll ever cross paths... gotta keep people happy.. and keep the love of the sport going!

PS.. Damn.. 2 days to New York from CALIFORNIA? USPS must be on crack!

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Mits is a great buyer

Would do business with anytime.:thumbsup:
Yes he is I will vouch for him also:D :thumbsup:
Both are great!!

Brian and Mits are both good guys who can be trusted to do you right!!! I trust them both!!!
RCMits Numero Uno

This guy is alright. He shipped it when i asked and got it here before i wanted it. Packaged perfectly and it even had what i wanted lol. Don't be afraid, this is just another deal gone very very well. He is on the numero uno list in my book. :wave:
need feedback for me ;) (RCMutts)

I know it sounds corny, but I got some deals with people and would like to show them a thread so that they can see the positives i have on this board. I am sure they can "search", but if you have dealt with me.. please post something if possible. Thanks in advance!!

Woof! RCMutts err.. RCMits aka Resident Dog of RCV ;)

Hello All,

If you don't already know...RCmits is a great person to deal with. Fast and accurate. I wish everyone i dealt with was as honest as Mits.

[email protected]
Anyone who wants to deal with RCMits has no reason to hesitate.Great communication...awesome trader.You wont be disappointed.:thumbsup:
RCMits is such a great guy I personally delivered my car from Michigan to LA - AND accepted a personal check when I got there!!!...OK, I had to go to LA on a business trip...but he is one of the best.

Did a couple of deals with him all went well and was in great shape
Deal with confidnce


Great Guy Pays Fast , And Very Good communication . Oustanding gentleman. Thanks again I appreciate it . Hope to do More Deals with him soon. Thanks Buddy keep in Touch
Awsome buyer!!!!! Super fast payment and answers e-mails quickly. Would definitly do buisness again with him.
I appreciate the good words. It helps when I do tons of deals on here but 3/4 of the people never post anything. Too bad we cant have our name with a [x/x] rating next to our name for good/negative feedback eh? LOL
Waiting for your reply from the 13th. Later, Andy :confused:
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