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Got in the 3 cars I had posted about earlier (thanks dad! :thumbsup: ). Set includes:
Bumongous (1999 convention)
1957 Bel Air (2000 convention)
1970 Camaro RS (2001 convention)

For anyone interested, Pops got 6 of each (1 set came to me), the rest he put out in his store at $9.99 a pop. Spoke to him a couple days ago, of the 15 he put out only 3 or 4 remained, so it seems like that was a fair price. Anyone in the Atlanta area who wants one, stop by the Hobby Town USA on the Barret Parkway, first come first serve.

Oh, and a little props to the old man - every car (well, except these) goes on the shelf for the same price out of the box. No one (not even his one and only son) gets cars pulled for them, so if you are in the area, stop by & ask for Bill, tell 'em Mike sent you and I'm sure he'll be happy to escort you to the JL aisle. He also mentioned he got in a bunch of other stuff he's putting out on the discount table, again sight unseen, so there may be some fun stuff out there (I'm in CT, otherwise I'd a) have a much bigger collection, and b) make him change his rule about letting people go through shipments!)

Good hunting!

Mike (still waiting to do the WL dance, even though Dad owns the biggest HTUSA in the country.....::sigh::....)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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