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LRP TC 2007 ESC, Duo 2 OVAL questions
Hey Everybody, I'm gonna be doing some carpet racing this year, last year I ran an L4, with a 4 cell GTB and a novak 13.5. This year I've been sponsored a RC10R5, Duo 2 and a TC spec 2007 LRP ESC and 4 cell packs. Our carpet will be flat calandra ozite, brand new. My questions are, first... what is the very best program to run for pan car oval with that ESC for best speed. Our track has about a 140ft driving line. Last year to keep up with the hot shots with the novak setup you had to run a rollout of about 2.80 to 3., so I need to know the optimum profile on the ESC, where to run the timing on the duo 2, and a ballpark amount of the type of change I will need to make to the rollout. If any of you have a R5 setup sheet for a similar track, I would love to see it for a starting point. My email is ... [email protected] yahoo dot com. Any starting ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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