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General, I run a NDS and I love it! The car is easy to set up and I feel it handles very well. I ran it in the DirtOval Nitro race in Mansfield, Ohio this year, and was fortunate enough to make the A-Main with it. And I was running against some of the "HIGH DOLLAR" EDM's. Now, don't get me wrong, the aftermarket cars/conversions are very nice, but out of my price range. And I just can't see spending that type of money, when the NDS can be competitive with them. I just bought two new ones from Associated. They had a sell on their web site (they might still have some available). I don't know why they discontinued them. They are an inexpensive, fun car to drive. So I buy parts or cars when I can. We not only run them on the dirt, but have alot of success on the carpet also. They really are a versatile car.

Good luck running your's, and maybe we can keep them around for awhile.

:cool: Dale
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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