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Mini A Main
1 - Zach Devendorf
2 - Terry Thompson

4 cell Midget A Main
1 Mike Woods
2 Terry Thompson
3 Gary Hall TQ

Small Block Truck A Main

1 George LaClair TQ
2 Gary Hall
3 Carl Riehle
4 Terry Graves

Small Block EDM A Main
1 Dave Demling TQ
2 Gary Hall
3 George LaClair
4 Dan "I forgot my transponder" Mackey

19T Sprint A Main
1 Butch Southard
2 Jack Howland
3 Keith Devendorf TQ
4 Dan Mackey
5 Mike Woods

Big Block EDM D Main
1 Sean "Meatball" Leonard
2 Mike Wotring
3 Dennis Ruth

Big Block EDM C Main
1 BJ Boycyck
2 "Slasher" Bob Henry
3 Sean "Meatball" Leonard BU
4 Dale Hartzel
5 Mike Alivero
6 Chico Taylor

Big Block EDM B Main
1 Dave Gruel
2 Nick Demling
3 Jason Blum
4 Dean Hilts
5 BJ Boycyck BU
6 Chris Taylor

Big Block EDM A Main
1 Dan Gill
2 Shannon Pitcher
3 Matt Olmsted TQ
4 Ron Ingison
5 Dave Gruel BU
6 Jeff Hotaling

Great turnout again and great racing all night long. In the big block C main, the top 3 were seperated by less than a second, and it was probably the best that Ive ever seen Meatball run. The EDM A Main also saw some close racing, and had the potential of being the fastest 4 Min. Stock A Main ever in the dungeon.

Race Notes:

-Track was fast....very fast...
-Keith Devendorf arrived with Laptop in hand and recorded the entire show via webcam. It is posted on another thread for those who would like to check it out!
-Dale Hartzel, Mike Wotring and Dennis Ruth made the haul up from PA, nice to see Mike and Dale again, thanks for coming guys!!
-The North country was also well represented, with brothers Chris and Chico Taylor coming down along with regular Dan Gill.
- Rusty Simpson of Chipmunk Hill RC Raceway stopped by to visit, nice seeing you again Rusty!!!
-Jason Blum scored a 4.5 out of 5 for the EDM launch following the B Main.....it almost took my cell phone out as I was texting Solly!
-Shannon Pitcher sported a new SPD body...again...this time in retro school bus yellow
-Ronnie Ingison had the fastest car in the stock A Main...his CDK DOC was dialed.
-Its official: Shannon Pitcher cost me 3 in a row.....JK Shannon, had to bust your balls!
-As stated above...EDM Stock A Main was on pace to be the fastest ever at ******* RC. Shannon and I got jingled up a little, and as Shannon waited for me, Dan Gill took over the lead and didnt look back. He finished with a 65 in 4:01.88, with the top 3 all on the same lap. Had it not been for the jingle coming out of 2, I think there wouldve been a couple 66 lap runs.

On a side note, racing returns to our regular Sunday time slot, with the doors opening at 9am and the 1st heat rolling right around Noon. Racing for the rest of the season will be $5 per class.
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