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1/18 A Main
1) Terry Thompson TQ
2) Zach Devendorf

Midget A Main
1) Mike Woods TQ
2) Terry Thompson
3) Gary Hall

SMB Sprint A Main
1) George LaClair
2) Dan Mackey
3) Gary Hall TQ

1) Dave Demling TQ
2) Gary Hall
3) Dan Mackey
4) George LaClair

SMB Truck A Main
1) George LaClair
2) Gary Hall TQ
3) Dan Mackey
4) Carl Riehle
5) Terry Graves
6) Caleb Hall

19T Sprint Car A Main
1) Keith Devendorf TQ
2) Jan Poyneer
3) Mike Woods
4) Frank Degaetano
5) Jim Cronk
6) Butch Southard

Big Block EDM C Main
1) BJ Boycyck DNS
2) Bob Henry DNS
3) Dean Hilts DNS

Big Block EDM B Main
1) Dave Gruel
2) Meatball
3) Nick Demling
4) Mike Phinney
5) Mike Alivero
6) BJ Boycyck BU
7) Bob Henry BU

Big Block EDM A Main
1) Matt Olmsted TQ
2) Shannon Pitcher
3) Jeff Hotaling
4) Dan Gill
5) Jason Blum
6) Dave Gruel BU

The track came in right around the end of the 2nd round, and the big block drivers were turning laptimes close to what they normally run. With the exception of a little patch work in turns 3 and 4, the track stayed nice and smooth all night. Calvin and I would like to thank everyone for coming out, it was a long, but fun night of racing.
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