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Midget A Main
1 Mike Woods TQ
2 Terry Thompson
3 Gary Hall

1/18 A Main
1 Terry Thompson TQ
2 Carter Gill
3 Zach Devendorf

Small Block EDM B Main
1 "J-Rod" Joe Rodriguez
2 Al Wilson
3 Bill Karl

Small Block EDM A Main
1 J-Rod BU
2 Cliff Weeks
3 Dan "The Ebay Man" Mackey
4 Dave Demling TQ
5 Scott Wilson
6 Tom Gebhart

Small Block Truck A Main
1 Troyer Gill
2 Gary Hall TQ
3 Chris Recore
4 Carl Riehle
5 Terry Graves

Big Block Truck A Main
1 Cory Gotham
2 Zach Gill TQ
3 Dan Mackey

Sprint Car A Main
1 Mike Woods TQ
2 Keith Devendorf
3 Jan Poyneer
4 Butch Southard
5 Gary Hall
6 Dan Mackey
7 Jim Cronk

Big Block EDM C Main
1 Jamie Jeffers
2 BJ Boycyck
3 Meatball
4 Ben Tucker
5 Slasher Bob Henry
6 Mike Alivero
7 Ty Gill

Big Block EDM B Main
1 Jeff Hotaling
2 Matt Olmsted
3 Jason Blum
4 Mike Phinney
5 Jamie Jeffers BU
6 Dean Hilts

Big Block EDM A Main
1 Shannon Pitcher
2 Chico Taylor TQ
3 Ron Ingison
4 Nick Demling
5 Dan Gill
6 Jeff Hotaling BU

Race Notes:
-Track was faster than it has EVER been....Shannon and Chico both ran 66 lap runs....
-To make the A in BB EDM...you better had delivered on a 65 lap run....racing was tight all day.
-Nice to see all the guys from the north country to race, hopefully you all make it back down soon.
-Jan Poyneers CDK Sprint car was an absolute missle....and then he put a big block in it...its only a matter of time before this car is in the winners circle.
-"Slick" Nick Demling has been sporting some custom machined aluminum parts on his ride...which also sported its 3rd new body in the last 3 weeks....
-Terry Thompson was testing a new LRP Brushless system in his midget ride....word has it that even with 3 cells it had too much power for the 1/12 dirt oval car.
-It was great to see J-Rod and Cliff Weeks back at the dungeon....these two guys are an absolute riot, hopefully they will drag more of the Rochester crew out with them next time.
-Next week we will be running both Saturday night (for the 2nd Annual Duel In the Dungeon) and Sunday afternoon. Saturday the doors will open at noon, racing will begin at 7pm. Sunday doors open at 9am with racing starting at noon, as we usually do. We will also be at the dungeon this Friday from Noon til 8 or 9 PM for anyone who would like to get some practice in. As usual, if theres something you'd like us to bring down that we usually do not stock at the race track, please call the shop ahead of time at (315)-532-6826.
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