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Midget A Main
1 Mike Woods
2 Gary Hall
3 Terry Thompson TQ

Mini A Main
1 Richard Balcom
2 Caleb Hall
3 Terry Thompson
4 Carter Gill

Small Block EDM
1 Dan Gotham
2 Dan Mackey TQ
3 George LaClair

Small Block Truck B Main
1 Jeremy Bullock
2 Carl Riehle
3 Dan Revette
4 Chris Recore
5 George LaClair
6 Terry Graves

Small Block Truck A Main
1 Troyer Gill TQ
2 Richard Balcom
3 Gary Hall
4 Jeremy Bullock BU
5 Luke Fuller
6 Ben Fuller

Big Block Truck A Main
1 Tom Hilts TQ
2 Cory Gotham
3 Dan Mackey
4 Bill Karl
5 Bill Sweeting

Sprint Car A Main
1 Jack Howland
2 Mike Woods
3 Butch Southard TQ
4 Jim Cronk
5 Keith Devendorf
6 Gary Hall
7 George LaClair

Big Block EDM C Main
1 Mike Phinney
2 Sean Leonard
3 Mike Alivero

Big Block EDM B Main
1 Jason Blum
2 Dan Gill
3 Mike Phinney BU
4 Erv Miller
5 Ron Ingison
6 Ty Gill

Big Block EDM A Main
1 Shannon Pitcher TQ
2 Jeff Hotaling
3 BJ Boycyck
4 Chico Taylor
5 Matt Olmsted
6 Jason Blum BU

Race Notes:

-46 entries = 12 heats in qualifying = long day of club racing! And to think several regulars no-showed....
-Jason Blum had a new "Get-Back" Terminator on hand and was an absolute missle....easily the fastest car in the building, however electrical problems plagued his qualifying efforts.
-The North Country was once again well represented.
-Shannon Pitcher has now won 3 sundays in a row.
-Ray Pender was in the house once again, but still has yet to bring his car to race
-Troyer Gill is now 3 for 3 in Small Block Truck action....Im thinking he's ready to move up to the Big Block ranks
-Jack Howland had a lot of trouble with his CW sprinter in qualifying....but delivered in the A
-Mike Woods also had a lot of trouble in qualifying in the sprint class, but for some reason I don't believe it was the car he was driving.
-Jim Cronk shows up late, and becomes disappointed that he would not have a chance to take out Jan Poyneer.
-A loud blast went off in the upstairs pits....Gary Hall walked away from his pit and had a cell blow up, close call!
-Good to see Tom Hilts back at the dungeon. Looked like he was his fast usual self.

Thanks to everyone for making it out, see you all next week!
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