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Midget A Main
1 Mike Woods
2 Terry Thompson TQ
3 Gary Hall

Mini A Main
1 Zach Devendorf
2 Terry Thompson

Small Block Truck A Main
1 Troyer Gill TQ
2 Gary Hall
3 George LaClaire
4 Carl Riehle

Small Block EDM A Main
1 Dave Demling TQ
2 Jan Poyneer (With Terry Thompson as the relief driver)
3 Dan Mackey
4 Gary Hall

Big Block Truck A Main
1 Bill Sweeting TQ
2 Richard Balcom
3 Jesse Parks
4 Dan Mackey

Sprint Car A Main
1 Jan Poyneer
2 Jack Howland
3 Butch Southard
4 Jim Cronk
5 Keith Devendorf
6 Mike Woods TQ

Big Block EDM C Main
1 Mike Alivero
2 Bob Henry
3 Nick Demling
4 Dean Hilts

Big Block EDM B Main
1 Mike Phinney
2 Chico Taylor
3 Ben Tucker
4 BJ Boycyck
5 Mike Alivero BU
6 Ron Ingison

Big Block EDM A Main
1 Shannon Pitcher 67 4:00.12
2 Matt Olmsted TQ 67 4:00.28
3 Jeff Hotaling 67 4:00.95
4 Mike Phinney BU
5 Sean Leonard
6 Dan Gill

Race Notes:

Wow....track was insane, as shown by the results of the BB EDM A Main. Last night at the Duel in the Dungeon....Shannon Pitcher set the new mark at 66 laps in 4 flat.....today, that was surpassed, as shown in the results for the EDM Stock A Main. The fastest run of the day was actually set in qualifying however, as a 68 lap (4:03.06) run was put down. The track has just been very fast for the last month or so.
-Awesome turnout today, 37 racers showed up....most of whom ran last night at the duel in the dungeon, which didnt finish til roughly 1:30 AM.....
-Jan Poyneer found victory lane with his CDK Sprinter, and it was in convincing fashion.
-The Big Block EDM A Main was extremly close...for the entire 4 minutes; Probably the closest victory ever in the dungeon, great job Shannon and Jeff!!!!
-Mike Phinney layed down a 66 lap run in the A Main, increasing his best run by 2 laps!! With a 3 yr old RC10 Terminator none the less.
-Mike Woods remains undefeated in the Midget class for the Sunday pts series.
-Meatball ran a career best 65 laps and put himself in the Big Block A Main, with a pretty stout crowd on hand....good run Sean!
-I had the opportunity to pay Shannon back for a couple weeks ago, but I gladly decided to bank that one for a big race, haha.
-Troyer Gill is the MAN....this kid from the north country is an up and comer, and it shouldnt be long til he is running in the Big Block Truck Class.....Perhaps Uncle Dan should set him up with an EDM....*cough cough*
-Gary Hall once again wins the Iron Man Award.....why he runs 3-4 classes every week is beyond me.
-Thanks to everyone for coming out despite the nasty weather, see you all next week!
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