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******* RC's 2nd Annual "Duel in the Dungeon"

Midget A Main
1 Mike Woods TQ
2 Terry Thompson
3 Gary Hall

Small Block EDM C Main
1 Steve Harris
2 Dan Mackey
3 Dan Gotham

Small Block EDM B Main
1 Frenchie
2 Patrick Fleckenstein
3 Dave Demling
4 Bill Karl
5 Warren Stevenson
6 Steve Harris BU

Small Block EDM A Main
1 Joe "J-Rod" Rodriguez
2 Jan Poyneer
3 Cliff Weeks
4 Rob Hillman TQ
5 Frenchie BU
6 Dave Harris

Sprint Car B Main
1 Dan Mackey
2 Jesse Parks
3 Gary Hall

Sprint Car A Main
1 Jim Carr
2 Mike Woods
3 Jack Howland
4 Butch Southard
5 Jan Poyneer TQ
6 Dan Mackey BU

Big Block Truck B Main
1 Cory Gotham
2 Richard Balcom
3 Chris Recore
4 Carl Riehle
5 Terry Graves

Big Block Truck A Main
1 Brian Wynn TQ
2 Cory Gotham BU
3 John Firsching
4 Frenchie
5 Bill Karl
6 Bill Sweeting

Big Block EDM C Main
1 Sean "Meatball" Leonard
2 Erv Miller
3 Mike Phinney
4 Eric Beadle
5 Solly
6 BJ Boycyck

Big Block EDM B Main
1 Dylan Watier
2 Jim Carr
3 Dan Gill
4 Dave Gruel
5 Meatball BU
6 "Slasher" Bob Henry

Big Block EDM A Main
1 Matt Olmsted
2 Chico Taylor
3 Shannon Pitcher TQ
4 Jeff Hotaling
5 Dylan Watier BU
6 Nick Demling

Big Block Modified A Main
1 Matt Olmsted TQ
2 Jeff Hotaling
3 Dave Gruel
4 Chico Taylor

Race Notes:

54 Total entries...tremendous turnout for the 2nd running of this event....thanks to everyone for coming out to race!!!
-Special thanks to Trinity, Finish Line and CRC for the door prizes. An extra special thanks to John Firsching and Brian Wynn for pulling through at the last second (literally)
-The track was once again ballistic. In the BB EDM Stock class, it took 66 laps to make the A!!!! I believe track records were placed in every class!
-Brian Wynn delivered in the BB Truck class.....with a Duratrax Evader.......so for those of you who believe you need an offset truck or a car with truck tires to be fast in this class, you have been proven wrong.
-In a related note, I understand Johnny Whopper is now 1-0 all time against Bill Karl in dirt oval truck action.
-J-Rod finally breaks through with his first win at a big race....awesome run Joe!!
-Jan Poyneer was fast as well....he finished a close 2nd to J-Rod, and had the fastest sprint car in the building.
-The Big Block Stock A Main was fast.....the 100 lap feature was finished in just over 6 min (6 min 7 sec to be exact). If memory serves me correctly, 94-95 laps for a 6 min feature last year was considered extremely fast.
-The top 4 in the BB Stock A Main were all on the lead lap!
-Im sure theres a lot of stuff I missed as I was running back and forth from the pits to the shop, so if anyone would like to add to this, please feel free to.

Once again, thanks to everyone coming out to race with us....Cant wait til next year!

Matt and Calvin
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