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RC Performance in Madison 2009-2010

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Saturday Sept. 26 will be the first oval day in Madison for the season. This may just be a practice if only a few people decide to show up or we can race. I will post the rest of the schedule later this week, but want to get this out as soon as I could.

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I am going to be in town tomorrow evening, do you want some help with the track?
if you want to I should be there to set it up around 5:30ish.

We are going to the UW hockey game tomorrow afternoon so I should be able to make it. PM me your phone number.
Guys, I just PMed Jason with the very late notice that tommorows oval needs to be re-scheduled. It was a big error on our end and I deeply apologize for the inconviniance.

We could certainly re-schedule on Feb 20, or March 6th (those were two original oval dates) and I will re-duce entry fees to try and help make up for our error. The office crew scheduled 2 birthday parties unaware there was a scheduled Oval race. So it was my lack of communication that caused this issue.

Again, please accept my apologe on this.

Mistakes can and do happen. I found out about these birthday parties literally 10 mins before I posted.

Trust me, Im not happy about this. But it is my fault.

Im very sorry about this. If I could call off the parties I would.

And If even a free Oval race will make up for my mistake, I will certainly do just that.

I will look at the available dates and post later.

I have talked to Jim and he feels terrible and is truly sorry this happened. He is willing to make it up to you oval racers. Those of you that have met him know he would never do this on purpose and he has given me every oppurtunity to make the oval program work. It is not RC Performance's fault that we only averaged 8 racers last season. People don't come to race for whatever reasons so for a business to loose money is foolish. If money was no object it would be a lot different. Take a look at your racing buddies 10 years ago and where are they now. If each one of us would of gotten 2 people to race oval would be huge.

The fact is that no one new came to race and we all need new people in rc racing.

Racing in Dubuque on Saturday. Doors open at 1, racing at 4. 3 heats and a main. I know a few WI guys are coming down. Should be a decent crowd! :thumbsup:
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