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I have a basically new Futaba T6EX FAAST radio and all the accessories. It has 6 channels and comes with 5 servos and of course receiver. I also am selling all my planes which include a Fling 48" glider that also includes a light weight hi-start launcher, a 67" wingspan electric powered glider with motor speed control ready to fly, a partially built Craft Air Viking 118" wing span glider, 8 new or partially used rolls of white, black, and transparent orange monokote, numerous accessories, chargers for the nicad batteries used in the electric glider and other batteries, a monokote application iron, and numerous other parts and pieces as shown in the pictures.

I have developed an inherited neurological condition that makes walking very difficult and can no longer fly these and enjoy it so that is why I am selling everything off in a lot sale. Of course these would have to be picked up and I live in Merritt Island, FL near the Kennedy Space Center. My phone is 321-459-2743. I am asking $225 for the entire package and would prefer to sell it in a lot. Thanks for looking.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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