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For the 5th straight year, we will continue to race weekly in the Dungeon! We will once again be running Thursday Nights and Sunday Afternoons, and will have the entire indoor season broken into separate Fall and Winter/Spring Seasons. Here is the info. for indoor racing:

Classes run on Sundays (Beginning Sept. 27th):
-1/10 Stock Losi Slider
-1/10 Open Sprint
-1/10 DODC Latemodels
-1/10 Small Block Truck 17.5
-1/10 Big Block Truck 13.5
-1/10 EDM Small Block 17.5
-1/10 EDM Big Block 17.5

Classes run on Thurday Nights (Beginning Sept. 24th):

-1/10 Stock Losi Slider
-1/10 Open Sprint
-1/10 Small Block Truck 17.5
-1/10 Big Block Truck 13.5
-1/10 17.5 EDM

Rules for the classes are as follows:
-Losi 1/10 Slider: Class is box stock per the Losi Rules except 3600mah NiCad or Nimh stick pack or 3200 Lipo may be used.

-1/10 Open Sprint: All Custom Works, JRC, Hyperdrive/Go Fast, Losi Slider, Klein, Cobra, and other similar sprint cars can be used. Cars must run Foam Tires, up to 13.5 Brushless Motors or 19 turn brushed motors can be used, 7.4V Lipos allowed (5400 mah max), as well as 4600 Nimh's. We encourage the use of hardshell lipos (such as those by Reedy, Peak Racing, Orion, and SMC). Front wings are allowed, Top wing must be 6"x6". Cars must weigh 3 lbs 4 oz and must resemble full scale sprint car.

-1/10 Small Block Trucks: Must use 17.5 Motors or 27T Brushed Motors. Hardshell 7.4V Lipos (5400 mah max) and Nimh's (4600 max) are allowed. Trucks must have truck arms, truck tires (either Foams, Proline Strykers, Speed Hawgs, Road Hawgs, Road Rage, or Duratrax Street Tracs), truck body (either stock style (Pro-line, Losi, etc) or oval style such as CDK, McAllister, Factory Works, etc). Offset chassis are allowed. Trucks must weigh 3 lbs 12 oz.

-1/10 Big Block Truck: Open Motor (13.5 Brushless or 19T Brushed Max), Open Battery (any 6 cell NIMH or 7.4 2 cell Lipo). Trucks must have truck arms, truck tires, truck body (either stock style (Proline, Losi, etc) or oval style such as CDK, McAllister, Factory Works etc). Offset chassis are allowed. Side Dams allowed (No more than 2.25" from Bottom of Window Outline). Trucks must weigh 3 lbs 12 oz.

-EDM Small Block - Mr Dirt Rules Apply for chassis, tires and bodies. Any 17.5 Brushless or 27T Brushed Motor, any 7.4 Volt 2 cell Lipo (5400 mah MAX), Foam Tires only. No weight Limit.

-EDM Big Block - Mr Dirt Rules Apply for chassis, tires, and bodies. Any 17.5 Brushless motors or 27 Turn Brushed motors in this class. Any brand motor may be used. 4600 max nimh's, 5400 max 7.4V 2 cell Lipos. Hardshell Lipos are encouraged. All lipos must be car oriented (meaning made by/sold by Reedy, LRP, Peak Racing, Orion, Trinity, SMC, Fantom, Pro-match Racing, Venom Racing, etc). Cars will be subject to voltage check prior to start of heat. No weight limit.

-DODC Latemodels. We will be running this class using the DODC rules as guidelines.

All EDM's:

1. All cars must have an EDM body. No wedge, buggy, truck, on-road etc.
2. All bodies must be made of polycarbonate. No aluminum, etc.
3. No side dams, other than “sail panels”. Left and right sides must be symmetrical.
4. All cars should be numbered and painted.
5. Maximum body height is 7-3/4”, measured at any point.
6. Maximum body width is 8”.
7. Door panels may not extend past the centerline of the front axle.
8. Right rear tire must be at least 1/3 exposed.
9. Front tires must be fully exposed.
10. Front nosepiece may not exceed 4-1/2” in width.
11. All measurements will be given some tolerance at official’s discretion.

-Minimum Wheel base = 9". Maximum Wheel base = 11.5
-Maximum overall length = 22" (includes body and front nose piece)
-Maximum Track width = 9-7/8"
-Minimum weight 3 lbs 4 oz. (52 oz. 3.25 lbs)
-Foam Tires only! No Rubber tires

All Classes:
-No Spike Tires!
-Batteries Must be either 2 Cell 7.4 Volt Lipos or 5 or 6 cell Nimh Sub C Batteries.
-All drivers must bring their car to tech BEFORE AND AFTER your race.
-Drivers using Lipos can and will be teched before start of heat.
-Lipos may not be over 8.44 Volts, or 10* above ambient temperature. Anyone caught overcharging or excessively over heating your batteries will lose their opportunity to qualify in that given race.
-Drivers caught overcharging/over warming Lipos will be given the 3 strikes opportunity. The first strike - you lose your heat. The 2nd strike (and yes, it can be months after your first strike) - you will be packing up and leaving for the day. 3rd Stike and your gone for the season. We do not need any Lipo fires in the Dungeon.
-All drivers must take their car and radio to the tech table and go directly to track to marshal the next race. If you fail to marshal, you will lose your best run.
-All Brushless 1/10 Motors must be sensored.
-All cars must be 2wd and rear wheel driven.
-Any traction compound (such as those by Trinity, RC4Less, Putnam Propulsion, etc), Marine Grease, Dr. Trannys Assembly Goo, etc, is allowed.
-No reverse is allowed during racing! We understand that some of you have ESC's that have reverse. If possible, please lock it out.
-No driving backwards around the track. We have seen it happen a few times in practice, which resulted in cars being broken. You will be warned once, and only once.
-All cars must have 4 wheel independent suspension. No Straight axle/Pan cars allowed!
-No practice or hot-laps in between each heat. That time is for the racers in the next race. If circumstances require a couple laps in between a heat, you will be allowed to if the race director gives you the OK. This does not mean open practice between every heat. It means 1 or 2 laps to make sure everything is working, then back to the pit until your race.

We are also implementing a 70 Lap rule for Small Block EDMs. If you are consistently running 70 laps or more, you're bumping up.

Entry fee will be $10. Racers may run up to 2 classes (so its $10 if you run 2 classes, or $10 if you run 1). Racers may run unlimited classes for $15. However, drivers in Big Block may not run in Small Block EDM, and vice versa.

The track is located at:
******* RC LLC
120 Cayuga St
Fulton, NY 13069


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post here, PM me, email me or call the shop. I will try to have everything printed out and posted around the track room ASAP
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