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Hello ! I have what I believe to be a rather rare set, a 1972 Hubley diecast "America City" Mighty Metal Truck Fleet diecast set, 100% complete, minty in condition, unused, opened to check the contents otherwise I would say it was new. The vehicles are large, the bus itself is about 9 inches. The helicopter is beautiful, all the vehicles are like new. The poles and such it comes with are still attached to their plastic tree, the signs are attached to their sheet and are unpunched out (except three of them came out from handling, but are still present). Please note that the helicopter blades fold together ... they are not broken :) The box is in awesome shape, minus a slightly bumped corner. A beautiful set, I haven't seen many of these anywhere, so I thought I would join a forum where they may be appreciated to let people know mine is up for auction. If you have any questions, I don't mind trying to answer ... and if you have any information on this set, feel free to share ! I'm always willing to learn about these sets. I have never seen one of these before ... very cool indeed :) Thanks for your time !

I am unable to post a link to the ebay auction (started at no reserve !) however the title of the listing is:

"Vintage Hubley Minty America City Diecast Trucks Set 22113 1972 NR HTF Unused !"

and it's in two categories:

Toys & Hobbies > Vintage & Antique Toys >Other Vintage & Antique

Toys and Toys & Hobbies > Diecast & Toy Vehicles > Cars, Trucks & Vans > Vintage Manufacture

Thanks !

I am limited to only so many images, there are more images in the listing ... but here are a few:

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