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RAOK JL 68 Dart

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I got a nice package from my friend and customizing partner in New Castle Indiana... Some nice stuff in it... One wae this JL 68 Dart that needed some quick attention... The wheels were very sloppy and sat crazy... Plus the back axel was bent on both sides... So a wheel swap was a must...

I really liked the factory stock steelies painted the same color as the car with the baby moons, but they were chipped enough to look bad...

Also a factory defect I found was the chassis was rivited to tight to the body and the hood would not close all the way, so I shimmed it a little to make it right and raise the front end a bit... Always loved these JL engines...

A little touch-up of the chrome trim and a good cleaning did wonders for it, plus it's got a mean tubbed look !!!

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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