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Ok, some of you know 'im, some of you love 'im. Some of you don't know him, your loss. Anyway, one day we're on the phone gabbing away (as us old folk tend to do) Talkin' about diecast, mostly. So, he asks me about this chrome Classics Trans Am he saw the other day. Wondered if it was anything special. I told him it's not special in a chase car kind of way, but special to those of us who love the Firebirds (like me). I told him I love the chrome Bone Shakers, too, and I actually had one in my hand walking around the store with it. But....I changed my mind and put it back. That's just too much to pay for a Hot Wheels. (some of you may agree)
Anyway....long story short (too late)
I knew he was sending me another car we had talked about (Jesse James' Sweet Pea in zamac), after already sending me four of the others....
Well, much to my surprise... guess what else was in the package??
(can ya guess?)

Mark, you're totally awesome, dood. I don't care what Rich says!
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