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A few Months ago I saw a post ... someone in need of the Hw cockney cab ... I figured I could help out and replied with info and had no idea what the outcome would be. Boss9 needed help locating a few cars to do as RAOK -- we all know how nice it is to receive a RAOK. So I decided to help a fellow Hobbytalker out and in return Boss9 also came through for me in a big way! Thank you so much for this more than Generous RAOK ... I have posted a few pics to show...also would like to wish Boss9 a speedy recovery due to a recent surgery. Take care Phil and thanks again !!
He also send some HW's but I have decided to post those on the HW board So take a look when you can because there are some more great cars.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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