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I'm new to this forum so i'm just going to list the model cars i have for sale, boxed &un-boxed..


DUNLOP (Models of yesteryear) 1927 Talbot Van
J.SAINSBURY (Models of yesteryear) 1929 Morris Cowley Van
WALKERS CRISPS 1918 Crossley
SHELL 1918 Crossley
ROYAL MAIL 1912 Ford Model T

MALTA BUS early 1940's, pull-back action & opening doors

1922 Chivers Fire Engine (Never opened)

chivers CADBURY'S 1928 Ford Model T
chivers OLDE ENGLISH promotional model 1988 (with horse) (never opened)
chivers GINGER CONSERVE promotional model 1988 (never opened)

UNWINS 150th anniversary 1993 (slight ware to box but only opened once)


COOKIE COACH COMPANY (believed to be a Ford Model T, but not sure!!)
DORSET DAILY ECHO (again, believed to be a Model T, but not sure!!)
CEREBOS TABLE SALT? (again, believed to be a Model T, but not sure!!)

Please E-mail me on [email protected] if you have any interest, thank you very much! :)

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You might have better luck copying and posting this on the diecast swap and sell boards.
Just a suggestion. or maybe ask the moderator to move the thread to the swap and sell board.
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