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As I mentioned before, we got a winch because we were convinced it was going to have to be a one person operation to raise and lower the table. The table was built with two 2x6's running underneath the base. The parts that extend beyond the bottom have I-bolts thru the boards with clips on them. The winch will be mounted to the center of the table with antoher I-Bolt, that has yet to be installed. The 4 i-bolts that have the ropes and clips attached will go thru the winch hook so it stabilizes the table as its raise. The winch really moves up and down quick and it had no problems whatsoever hoisting the table. Id guess it weighs 180 lbs at most. I dont know if its helpful but heres how our winch is mounted to the cieling.

You are dealing with an L shaped table, I dont know what to tell you. You could use a single winch if you had the table anchored like mine is on maybe 6-8 different spots on the table frame. You'd just have to raise and lower it very slowly to ensure it doesnt swing around and bang into something. Thats all I got, good luck!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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