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The Laitse Rallypark was the host of the 2012 Baltic 1/8th buggy championship. As many races in Europe these days the race was affected by the weather, meaning a wet track on Friday, a dry track on Saturday and something in-between on Sunday. The A final saw Ron Mamers and Rainer Ressar pulling away from the rest of the field with Rainer taking the lead after a mistake of Ron. He then never looked back and was able to win the race one lap ahead of Jörg Miikael Tiit and Rob Mamers.

Top 3
1. Rainer Ressar – Xray/Nosram/VP Pro
2. Jörg Miikael Tiit – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed
3. Ron Mamers – Xray/RB/Proline

Source: VP Racing [vp-racing.com]

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