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Radical Rick's Race City Weekly Racing

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it's been brought up a few times why there was no thread for this track so i figured i would do it. if theres any questions or anything i could help anyone with please post it here. i'll do my best to answer them although i have some questions too so rick albernaz we'll talk tomorrow i've got some i deas i'de like to shoot at you to better the racing in this place even though it's doing good right now. or if you see this before then call me 401-477-3850. Brad Sousa :thumbsup:
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i heard that sisson and nick might be going tonight, at least that is what nick told me yesterday.
Im bringing both......Even bringing my S/K to turn a few laps..
me and nick will be making it up there tonight, not sure about mike s
Well It was another fun night of racing!!! see what happens when you try to avoid most of the wrecks.... You end up sneeking up and taking the WIN! LOL Had fun guys cant wait till next week!

Hi Guys,

Be great to see a few of you this Sturday.

Thanks as always - Heath
Ill be there....Made a small change to my car.....gonna turn some laps...Will run if more show up
Hey Kenny...thought you wanted to know your car is in pieces on my workbench.........
Waiting for Manny to come over to rebuild it....I dont think he charges what Pro Built does.......heheheh
Rick, as long he does not change the color of the bolts.
I put your brushless motor in my bag for next week.
I'm putting brushless system in my mod.
ken when you get my rebuild bill you will be so broke you wont be able to pay attention you old goat maybe i better change those multi colored screws rick get the beer ready im on the way
Manny, as long as you get me a car cover. it will be alright.
Rick I sent a message to that guy about the motors.
Team RSE
JBR cells
Kenny....Your truck is done .....and all the colors match....we had to make some changes because we at " Team Linguica" (Rick and Manny) are unable to work under these conditions.......all kidding aside....I went threw the whole car....I hope to see an improvement......I'll call you Wed......Later...Rick`
Rick, I put my brushless system in my mod. will bring it thursday. I will call you Wednesday.
hey Ken....sounds good......Your Mod will handle different becasue of the extra weight in the rear pod........I hope your truck is fast enought to spin out...I mean catch martin
not sure if I can make it tomorow.....Gotta work a litle late..........
1701 - 1720 of 1781 Posts
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