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Radical Rick's Race City Weekly Racing

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it's been brought up a few times why there was no thread for this track so i figured i would do it. if theres any questions or anything i could help anyone with please post it here. i'll do my best to answer them although i have some questions too so rick albernaz we'll talk tomorrow i've got some i deas i'de like to shoot at you to better the racing in this place even though it's doing good right now. or if you see this before then call me 401-477-3850. Brad Sousa :thumbsup:
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Merry Christmas to all at Radical Ricks from all of us here at TURN 4.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everone!!!!!

MERRY CHRISMAS EVERYBODY roll call for winter blast need 17.5 drivers pan car
ken perry
Team RSE
JBR cells
Merry Christmas to all at Rick's hope to see you all on thurs
Merry X Mass To All At Rick's And Get Well Soon Pa Pa Joe
From everone at Rick Martin R/C and Radical Rick's Merry Christmas and god bless everyone. Looking foward to racing Thursday.

Rick Albernaz
K.P. Motorsports
Rick Martin R/C Decal and Signs
Radical Rick's Race City
JBR Cells
Beefy Products
Merry Christmas.... Hope everyone has a great day...
New Rules For 2008

As of 1/1/2008

Class #1 Late Model

· Novak GTB speed control only

o NOV1714 GTB 4-Cell Brushless/Brush ESC

o NOV1715 GTB 4-Cell Spread Spectrum Brushless/Brush ESC

· Minimum height 4.25”

· Minimum weight 40oz

· No Wings

· Max Battery mah 4200

· Novak 17.5 Brushless Motor

o Part # (NOV3417) SS17.5 Novak Super Sport Pro Brushless Motor 17.5


Class #2 Pro Stock

· Use of the following speed control only

o NOV3205 Super Sport Brushless ESC
NOV1705 Super Sport Plus Programmable Brushless/Brush ESC
NOV1710 GTB Programmable Brushless/Brush ESC
NOV1711 GTB Spread Spectrum Brushless/Brush ESC
NOV1714 GTB 4-Cell Brushless/Brush ESC
NOV1715 GTB 4-Cell Spread Spectrum Brushless/Brush ESC
NOV1720 XBR Sport Brushless/Brush ESC

o LRP 80500 Sphere Brushless ESC
LRP 80700 Sphere Competition Brushed + Brushless

· Minimum height 4.25”

· Minimum weight 40oz

· 4 cell 4600 mah Batterys (No Lipo’s)

· Novak 17.5 Brushless Motor

o Part # (NOV3417) SS17.5 Novak Super Sport Pro Brushless Motor 17.5


· Standard 36 square inch wing including sides and must be behind top of rear window

Class #3 Trucks

· 3800mah or 4200mah batteries

· 27 turn motors (all ROAR rules apply)

· Use a ROAR approved body

· The body height must be no lower than 4 1/2 inches

· No modifying the body. All cut lines must be followed

o Back Tailgate area must be intacted

· The car will weight no less then 40oz with the transponder

· No wings allowed

Rules may be changed at anytime to maintain the competitiveness of the cars

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Tuesday Night Rules


Ø Beefy SPEC Modified Style chassis (no chassis modifications)

Ø No Rear wings or body changes allowed

Ø 19 turn Chameleon spec motor only

Ø 4 cell Radical Rick’s spec battery pack

Ø Speed control must be rated to no more than 90 fwd current

Ø Orange front spec tires and green rear spec tires


Ø 36oz Minimum weight

Ø Open to any Modified chassis (no 10th scale pan cars)

Ø 27 turn Stock motors

Ø Side and rear body lines must be present
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Chicken Run What You Brung

Saturday January 26, 2008

The track will open at 8pm for this practice with a dinner preceding racing. The dinner will consist of Chicken & Fixins. ALL You Can Eat (or until the food is gone). Drinks will be available for sale including Beer and Malt Drinks.

Qualifying will begin at 10pm

The cost for the event will be $30 with the dinner or $20 with no dinner.
Each Additional class will be $10

There will be 4 main classes and as many “Open Classes” as needed

1. Pan Car 17.5 brushless (for rules see Pro Stock)

2. Modifieds (for rules see Outlaw Modifieds)

3. Trucks ( for rules see Sport Trucks)

4. Unlimited (no rules Run what you Brung)

This race is open to all electric R/C cars with foam tires. So if you have a car no matter what your age we will find a class for you.

Each class will run 2 qualifiers of 5 Minutes and a feature of 5 minutes.

All cars will drive to the tech area and be checked after each race. Drivers will then corner marshal the next race.

TO REGISTER PLEASE E-MAIL RICK, [email protected] With your name, Phone number, and if your eating.
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Ok Guys here's proof that Rick's been hanging curtains in the garage....


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LOL..... Those curtains look great next to the truck.hehehehe :thumbsup: Make sure he knows his role Ashley.. :woohoo:

Ashley28 said:
Ok Guys here's proof that Rick's been hanging curtains in the garage....
Hey Rick I think you should hang them on the front window of the truck to help with the glare at the track on sat. nights :thumbsup:
Hello all...

Just wanted to make sure you guys know about our EAST COAST OVAL CHAMPS RACE on Jan 13th.

It is looking like we should have a nice turn-out. Hope some of you can make the trip.

Thanks as always - Heath
I have a 10.5 that I need to trade for a 17.5 if anyone is interested!

- Mike Voccola
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