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Radical Rick's Race City Weekly Racing

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it's been brought up a few times why there was no thread for this track so i figured i would do it. if theres any questions or anything i could help anyone with please post it here. i'll do my best to answer them although i have some questions too so rick albernaz we'll talk tomorrow i've got some i deas i'de like to shoot at you to better the racing in this place even though it's doing good right now. or if you see this before then call me 401-477-3850. Brad Sousa :thumbsup:
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Rick i will run modified and let my son run the pan car.....
jd267 said:
ya im going to run stock and brushless...

You sent me an e-mail I think you were surpose to send it to someone else....
Alright...The mod is all back together.....Ill be using some old motors and 3800's.....
saving the good stuff for the pan car.....It will be fun to do some open wheel also...?
I hope martin is bringing out his mod......maybe we can have a fun heat...
Martin, KP, Albanaz, Jim and myself.....Cant wait....
Can I make a suggestion...Maybe Mods should go out 1st so we can have a heat or two in between to get our pan cars ready?....what do you guys think?

Are you talking this Thursday night to run the SK's? I'd love to get mine on the track. Havn't had much track time with the new ride. And with K&N being temp closed for Medical reasons. I need to race. I can set up my ride with lower voltage. I dont have 3800's But i do have some 3300's. I'd just like to get on the track and have some good old FUN......
LMK if the SK's are running thurs, might do a road trip. Stock or mod?
Rick sounds like a lot of fun all i have are 3800 to run in the mod I will give the 4200 to my son in the pan car.....I don't care when we run them let just get them on the track and have some fun.......
well come on down boys..Some of us are bringing the mods thursday nights....
the beer is cold and the pizza is hot.....Mayhem....Guys are running the mods in stock
any body have a rear pod from a cw,or ksg,ect that will go on a l4 to extend the pod to fit the bigger pinions? or the irs one??
Anyone from Radical Ricks going to be running the Maximus Summer series???
The results from the last few weeks will be updated on the website as soon as I get them.. Rick has been very busy and unable to get teh mresults to me. But he said that he wll get them to me as soon as possible.. :thumbsup:
Bud, or anyone with SK, Could you PM me a starting setup for the SK stock I have the RSE REV 1.2 chassis. Mainly front end settings, tires, rollout. this will get me close. thanks, Hope to see you thursday.

Pedone you going?
RcRacer.....Front springs...Lf (white) rf (red)
Tires LF (green or White) RF (Black)
LR ( Green or Pearl) RR (White)
Rollout Monster ( 1.58)
Blue ( 1.70)

This will get yoo close........Anything else please feel free to ask
Rick Rezendes
Thanks Rick, Hope to see you thursday afternoon.

Hope all is well down south.

Triple Crown Summer Series - http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/showpost.php?p=1966115&postcount=1956

Thanks for all the support.

If I can finish work early enough to beat the traffic down there and get some practice I can go. What time is track open for practice, what time racing??
bob the track is open at 12 i will be there at 1 hope to see you there....
1061 - 1080 of 1781 Posts
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