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The Rock 2018, Sunday March 25,
Go to page 10 for more info!

The Rock 2009/2010 schedule.

The 2009/2010 season kick off at the Circuit Teleguide ST-Roch will be on Sunday October 4. There will be both Oval & Road Course classes for that day.
Doors open at 8.00 am.

2009/2010 Schedule: http://pages.videotron.com/meaveen/roch schedule.pdf

Note that this season the club add 3 more Sundays of racing. Nov 15, Feb 7, March 28.

The 13th Classic ‘The Rock’ will be on the second Sunday of April.

Here are the rules changes for the Kascar Series (1/10 pan car).
Battery: Lipo, 4000mah, 3.7 Volts, 25C, hard case (ROAR approved)
Motor:: Brushless 17.5 Novak only (part #3417)
Speed Control: open
Tire Traction: Jack the Gripper (from Corally) only.
Weight: 1022 gr.

Louis Rene.

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lol , i think i missing out on something , but will laugh along.

What bodies are allowed?? COT?? i relize it will be slow with the body but why would i get fast now lol

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Nationwide bodies in 17.5 is what I read for rules elsewhere, but I talked to Gerald and he said he would accept a COT body for occasional racers. I would call him though just to be sure 450 588-4254. I guess if you were running for championship points you would HAVE to run a nationwide body.

Heck in years past I remember in the mailouts for the ''Classic'' they said you could even run a truck body in 4 cell stock, but nobody actually ran one.

I hope I can get my parts in time to finish my ride for this race.

Also I took a look at the calendar and there are 4 other sunday races at the ROCK

-nov 15 2009
-feb 10 2010
-mar 28 2010
-apr 11 2010 The Classic

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dick...nice to hear....17.5 is fun at GRCSR....even some drafting...

outlaw...tell me what are you missin'...i'll help you out...

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