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our onroad season has started at racing city hobbies in south glens falls ny
the curent classes are 1/12 scale 17.5 blinky,spec brushed touring car,and there is even a usvta class starting this year here are some of the rules

1/12 On-Road:

Chassis: 2wd pan type rear wheel direct drive
Weight: 28oz.
Motor: ROAR approved 17.5BL or 27T brushed
Battery: ROAR approved Hard Case 1s LiPo
Tires: Any commercially available 1/12 scale foam tires
Bodies: ROAR approved 1/12 scale GTP style bodies
ESC: SPEC or Blinky mode.


SPEC Touring Car

Chassis: 1/10 scale 4WD touring car chassis.
Bodies: 190 -200mm wide touring sedan style bodies - No sports car coupes.
Tires: 1/10 scale slick rubber tires - Preferred tires at this time are the Sweep "Kitty Rug" EXP-30
Motor: Reedy Radon 17T or Thunder Tiger Super 17
Battery: Venom #15085 4000 mah 20C LiPo. Venom 1556 3300mah 25C, Venom #1557 4100mah 25C LiPo
Duratrax #DTXC1810 3700mah 25C LiPo, DTXC1862 & 1863 4000mah 25C, DTXC1864 & 1865 5000mah 25C
OR any 7.2 volt NiMh 6 cell pack 5000mah maximum.

the rules for usvta can be found on the usvta site only the driver figure will not be enforced just welcomed

we also race short course with some jumps here are some general rules

Tires & Wheels: Short Course style 2.2/3.0" tires. No spikes larger than what would be considered a "Fuzzy". No cutting or grinding of the tread. Softening/traction compounds may be used.

Bodies: Original body or similar style short course truck body must be run. Bodies must be painted. Wheels/Tires may not extend outside of body. Body must completely cover tires when viewed from above.

Battery pack: The battery must be placed in the stock location. The foam spacer may be placed in front or back of the battery. Any 6 or 7 cell NiCad / NiMh or ROAR approved Hard Case 2S LiPo battery(max 5000mah) may be used. Must be equipped with a high current connector(Traxxas, Deans, EC3, etc.).

Chassis & Suspension: No modifications of any type may be made to the chassis plate, lower braces, battery brace, nerf bars, bumpers, skid plates, body mounts, suspension arms, shock towers hub carriers or related parts. Toe in and camber may be adjusted within the limit of the stock turnbuckles.

Drivetrain: No modifications may be made to the gearbox, transmission gears, slipper clutch, or drive shafts. Any pinion gear.

there are two classes of short course 2wd box stock and pro 2wd and mybe pro 4wd if there is intrest

2WD Box Stock: Original equipment Brushed motors from the major brands of RTR short course trucks may be used. Including but not limited to Traxxas #3785 Titan 12T, Reedy Radon #9626, Thunder Tiger #PD7338, Losi LM32K #LOSB9999. Motor label must be intact. Internal motor modifications of any kind are not allowed. Brushes & springs may be changed on model of motors that allow. Any brand/model of transmitter, receiver and servo may be used. No externally programmable Electronic Speed Controls allowed

PRO 2 (2WD) ROAR approved motors only - Brushless Motors: 10.5 Turn minimum or 4500kv maximum. Open speed control.

these are the nights we race
Saturday nights - 3 rounds of qualifying & 5 min. mains - $12 entry fee(2nd class $6)

Wednesday nights - 2 round of qualifying and the mains - $10 entry fee(2nd class $5)
*****Race Wednesday nights and get the Wednesday night price on the following Saturday*****

more info can be found at


or you can ask on here i dont own the store just here to spike some intrest

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had 3 guys running vintage trans am last saturday hopefuly more will be popping up in the next couple of weeks i will be there with my 1/12 scale along with a few others

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Darrin, I think Richard McNair might have one. Hes been showing up at RCH if he does I'm sure he'd let you use it. Even if he doesn't, don't worry about it run whatever you have.
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