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There is a new Race Start timer and Speed measuring device now available for Hot Wheels style (1:64 scale) diecast cars that is made by Cook's Projects. It is a self-contained unit that is simply placed over Hot Wheels compatible track and will show the winning car in a 2 car race or measure the speed of each car that passes the sensors. It provides a light and sound sequence to start the race and then measures the difference between each car's performance.

We always found it difficult to see who had reached the finish line and won a race as we were releasing the cars some distance away. Now there is no doubt as the Race Timer instantly reveals the winner with the over-lane LED. Then we can see the time the car took to win, how far behind the second car was, and what speed each car was doing! It is so easy to set up and now there is no doubt who the winner is! After the fun of racing, we have also used the device to compare different cars performance as well as comparing different track layout specifications.

More information is available at www.cooksprojects.com or read on to find out more.

As there are no moving parts, not only is the accuracy of the measurement maximised but also no damage is caused to the car by impact to flaps or switches. The unit is self-contained and easily transportable as well. All that is needed is a USB power supply, or a laptop if you want to record the extra data. With this new device and there is no longer any doubt on which car won a race.

The Race Timer and Speedometer can start a race, measure the time taken from lights out to complete the circuit and show the winning car, along with the speed difference to an accuracy of 1 millisecond (or 1/1000th (0.001) of a second - this is Formula 1 accuracy). It is a dual function unit that can be a Race Timer and also become a Speedometer, speed gun or speed trap which measures the speed of each car as it passes through the gate. The theoretical maximum detectable speed of a car is over 288Km/h! This information is immediately displayed on the onboard LCD display and the data can be sent to a computer via the USB datalink for use in multicar events or performance comparison.

You can see a short demo of the unit at their YouTube channel, CooksProjects.
Watch the video of the Race Timer and Speedometer.
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