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Race Time and Schedule

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Trying to figure out the time and race schedule.

When and what time do you race, is it the same every week? does is rotate?

Do you run the same thing every week? IE: do you run you wreck you are out last on track wins. or do you run season from the software side,.

Any Ideas that I have missed?

Looking for input of ideas.


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Back home in brewtown we raced on Thursday night. There were three leagues around town, one ran Indy cars, one ran stock cars, and one ran sports cars & F1. A lot of us doube-&-triple dipped across all three platforms. Our stuff was all stock-based with slip-ons - very easy for newbs to get in & try it out. Indy was tyco 440X2s, stock cars were Tyco HP7 & 440X2 pans, and sports cars were Tomy SG+ & SRT with F1 being Tyco 440X2. We rotated tracks, and seasons did overlap a little in spring & fall. We used DOS-based Trakmate to handle timing & scoring with no issues. For the stock cars we counted laps manually as we ran 10-lap heats and 40 - 100-lap features.

Down here the local guys race on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays. There's some travel races too, in NC & VA but I've only managed to get to one so far. They run fray-style tjets tuned to the hilt, and a sportsman stock car class based on non-UltraG JL & AW tjet500s. There's a tjet Indy car class also and a new stock AW class was just added so you don't have to know all the tjet voodoo to have some fun. All the guys here have tracks and rotate hosting, except for me as I have no room at the mo. They're runnin Trakmate here too for PC but it seems a little more buggy than the old DOS-version, at least to me. But . . . it does have sound effects & stuff.

Good luck with your race program. There's no right or wrong way to do it - just figure out what works best for you & your group and run with it. :wave:
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We race every Friday nights at Mike's Hobby Shop in Dallas. Check out the webcam some Friday http://www.mikeshobbyshop.com/tcmed.htm. We try to get in 3 races. Usually a couple of T-Jet (Fray, SlipOn, ECHOR INdy, super stock) and maybe a magnet car (440 X-2 or Mega G 1.7 F-1) and sometimes squeeze in AW T-Jet non-mag or X-Traction with mags.

Then we usually do a series race once a month rotating around to different people's tracks. About to have our 4th of 7 this Saturday. The cars rotate each series. Currently it's box stock T-Jet with Trans Am bodies, Mega G F-1's and track owner's choice of IROC cars. Here's our schedule and rules page for the Texas HO Racing series: http://excoboard.com/TexasSlotCars/148725
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