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1st HOPRA Race – 9/8/12 – St. Cloud

Ten racers and two spectators came to St. Cloud to participant in the first race of the 2012 – 2013 Florida HOPRA season. This was the first race for the new classes for Amateurs: Box Stock and Club Stock, and Semi-Pro and Pro: Club Stock and Super Stock.

Bruce’s tribute was first. We had the premier of his memorial video and the announcement of the results of the charity auction that brought in $300 for the American Diabetes Foundation, thanks MARC! Two awards for the 2012 – 2013 season were announced in Bruce’s honor: a best appearing car award to be judged at the last race of the season and youngest race. I awarded a youth scholarship, for the 2012 – 2013 FL HOPRA season, in Bruce’s name to Robert Pullen based on an essay he prepared detailing what he has learned from slot car racing. Congratulations Robert!

The first race of the day was the Box Stock for Amateurs. There were 3 racers, all using a hard bodied Tomy SRT with a Parma controller. Dennis ran away from the field!

Dennis 123
Marcus 97
Robert 87
The next race of the day was the Semi-Pro / Pro Super Stock. Terry took the win with a ten lap victory over Leo, and Ed was one back of Leo. The Top two cars were G3s followed by a Storm. Russ took the Semi-Pro win over Danny with a 6 lap victory. Jimmie was one back of Danny for third.

Terry 183
Leo 173
Ed 172

Russ 167
Danny 161
Jimmie 160
Ken 127

The next race of the day was the Amateur Club Stock. All racers used the Storm Extreme. Ken ran away and hid from the field with a 16 lap victory!

Ken 169
Robert 153
Dennis 133
Marcus 78

The last race of the day was the Club Stock Semi-Pro / Pro. This turned out to be the closest race of the day. I won the race with a half lap victory over Terry. I was running a Storm Extreme and Terry was running a BSRT 902. Ed brought my Storm Extreme backup car in third. Danny won the Semi-Pro class by eleven laps over Jimmie with Russ coming in third. Danny and Jimmie were both using Storm Extremes.

Leo 187
Terry 187
Ed 178

Danny 177
Jimmie 166
Russ 162

I want to thank Art Collot and Craig Reynolds for attending the race and marshaling. This really helped!

This was the last race for the Double L in St. Cloud. The Double L was moved out and a new / used Wizz Track was put in its place. The old track was down and the new one was up and running in less than an hour! Thank you Ed, Danny, Craig, and Terry for helping with the changeover!

The series moves to Orlando, next month, with a race at Jimmie’s Belle Isle Speedway on October 13th. We hope to see everyone there!
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