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Looks like just over 30 guys showed up for practice. Here are the Highlights.

C&M Motorsports: Some pics of the new 1/10th Accelerant beside a standard KSG chassis. Notice the extra removal of material for weight placement in the front, middle and back along with the electronics. There was a significant weight difference between the two. They also have a link version along with a t-plate version. Looks like a few different options for the shock brace. Nice looking cars. The 1/12th scale cars look just as good.

Tsunami: They have 3 different cars here. One that is a more standard t-plate, one that is a link car and one that has a v shaped plate. All 3 cars looked very fast on the track.

McPappy: They have a new shock brace and maybe more in the works….I believe that they are still in the “keeping in confidential” stage.

TOP: Jesse Bean has a very clean looking car here.

F14: They have a new chassis here. More options for battery placement, front tire area is cut different and more material removed from chassis. There is a side by side comparison picture.

There were a few cars sporting the OvalRC.com logo spotted in the pits!

Off to bed and then back with more reports tomorrow!
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