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RACE CHANGE: ROAR 2004 Region 1 Carpet Oval Regional Championships

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Hello racers,

We have had to move the venue for the 2004 Carpet Oval Regional Championships to Hobby Chamber. The race will still be held on November 6th.

For more information contact George at the shop or visit www.hobbychamber.com

Entry forms and schedule will be available shortly.


Chris Raffaelli

ROAR Region 1 Director

914 715 5620 cell

914 788 9829 fax

[email protected]

The current ROAR Region 1 ‘What’s Going On?’ Calendar can be found at:


For more information about ROAR, please visit:


Download the ROAR membership application here:

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This race conflicts with a big race in Barre Vt.
Does this tarck even run Oval?? this is the first I am hearing of it, please check into the conflict.
Hi Nick,
This track is just starting to get into oval. This race has been scheduled since February.

Heading to Wolcott next weekend?

ok, just to let you know. Swansea held a big race the same week end
as a barre race, no one showed to the swansea event, barre had over 80 drivers....just a heads up. Yes I will be @ wolcott, I run there almost every week. Chris I also need to talk to you about another track going to ROAR
we will talk next week end. :thumbsup:
Oval racing at Hobby Chamber

Hi guys,
We are just starting out in oval. We picked this race up for ROAR at the last minute. We are a flexible track and will try to accommodate racers whenever possible. I have no problem rescheduling this race.

We are also looking into providing a late oval practice session on Wednesday nights till about 9pm, if there is a demand.
Please look at our web site for more details Hobby Chamber
Puf19 is right. You might want to consider changing the date. I'd like to make both races.

edit: they changed the date, sweeeet
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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