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Race Card #97-Another Fallen, Forgotten Hero

Although not as completely swept under the carpet as Tim Richmond, it seems, that with his successful though short racing career, the name of Lee Roy Yarbough is very seldom mentioned.

He won the "Winston Million" before there ever was such a thing and made the journey to Indy before you could take your regular ride on the stock car circuit with you. He was a true racer in the mold of Curtis Turner and probably the least respecful of sheet metal, both his and everybody else's, since ol' Pops made the "tap" an art form.

I met him once and didn't really like him but you have to admit his talent behind the wheel made up for a lot of PR shortcomings. But like him or hate him, when he got behind the wheel of a race car he was as much a force of nature to be reckoned with as a tornado or earthquake. Whether it was complications from the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or long term effects of the many hard crashes, Lee Roy was a talent that has seldom been equalled before or since his all too brief visit to the land of the fire-breathing chariots that make up the world of stock car racing.

As we come nearer to the end of this little project, here is Lee Roy's ride for Bud Moore in Big Bud's little '67 Comet. Another in a long and distinguished line of scale race cars from the Jackie Sims Race Cars shop.

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