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Race Card #96-What does second place pay?

That seemed to be the question that everyone needed the answer to in 1967. The first full season in two years with both Ford and Mopar back in competition was looking a lot like 1964, the last full season before the boycotts.

The only change seemed to be that it was even more one-sided that before. It was the season that Richard Petty started his reign of terror (if you were driving a FoMoCo) and started living up to his nickname of "King Richard the Hemi-hearted".

The fact the Petty didn't win the Daytona 500 was of little comfort to Ford as he went on a tear that saw him win 10 straight races, including the Southern 500.When the dust had settled for '67, Petty had one 27 races including the other Darlington event, the Rebel 400. It was at this race he broke the record for wins set by another famous North Carolinian named Lee Petty.

Here's one of his most famous race cars (because of all the records it broke and by being in the Joe Weatherly Museum) portrayed by what could be one of my most famous models (displayed at the same museum and the subject of a build article in the on-line magazine, Internet Modeler)if anything I got could be considered famous. LOL

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